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cage1aLast night I was called outside to look at the sunset. A conversation began. Maybe with the sky and me, I'm not sure. The topic was the matrix, the energetic control net, the world of traps, both intellectual and emotional that we are all swimming in, the cage within the cage within the cage. The question was asked of me: "Where is it that you want to be and how would it feel to be there?" This is because my neighborhood has turned into a closed off world of fences and closed off vistas, a gilded cage…

As the answer formulated in my mind's eye, I was standing in nature, with a vista in front of me, much like the picture I chose to go with this article. Once I was there 2 things came to mind.

One: that even standing there in the place in my mind's eye feeling free, I wasn't, because even if I was out of the electronic net I live today I am still incased in a world of internal programming.

Two: I was asked to take the feeling I wanted to feel - of freedom - and to look inward for it. (lols because no matter where you go, there you are…)

From all that I have been reading and all I have been listening to - it all points to the awareness of yourself being able to lead you out of the trap. It's not so much that when you accomplish this that the world will blink and be different. It's more that when you understand what is happening and know it for what it is, that sense of freedom then arises from within and that's what sets you free.

It is said that real truth is different for every person because truth is an awareness that rises from within. The only thing that will bring us together is a fine sense of empathy that gives you the ability to see how another's perspective - or truth - would be true for them. If you were in their shoes, how you might feel, and then having a bit of compassion for that person.

It is a key ingredient on the pathway to enlightenment or ascension, IMHO. The "just be nice" idea is a good start - but people tend to still be mean on the inside… and really, what we are looking for is a change in the inner person - a true grasp of being nice… an inner integrity that has the inside and outside matching. This is difficult because the 'fake it till you make it' beginnings on this pathway lead you into seeing that even if you are 'being nice' on the outside but seething on the inside, you are still in conflict. Even when you get to the stage where you are very consciously practicing this and mentally running through all of the stuff that might be making this person you are interacting with in your head a mini monster in your eyes, and you are at least congruent with yourself, it can be hard.

This is because everywhere you turn you are still dealing with mostly people who are trapped in that control net and don't even have a clue why life sucks so badly. Even when you begin to wake up to the matrix, that is no guarantee that you have done the requisite inner work that begins the transformation of awareness into ascension. So when people are behaving badly if they are not aware of their own inner turmoil they will project it outward on to other people and situations. This, in a more adult society, would enable them to see the inner situation played out before their eyes and get a real clear picture of what - if they were awake enough to realize it - was the inner work needing to be accomplished for themselves.

The walk down this inner path to enlightenment - lightening your own spirit - requires stretches of time alone. Most of us in this world do not have that luxury on purpose. If we all started to wake up, then the matrix would not work so well, would it? But my point is this, sometimes this stretch of time alone can seem like a cage, and that is where my thoughts were last night when this conversation began. The wisdom of the sky led me right back around to myself and the inner work. But I am very clear now on where to find the cage door...

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