Meta (from the Greek preposition and prefix meta- (μετά-) meaning "after", or "beyond") is a prefix used in English to indicate a concept which is an abstraction from another concept


From New Latin -phorus, from Ancient Greek -φορος ‎(-phoros, “bearing”), a derivative of φέρειν ‎(phérein, “to bear, to carry”)

We speak and think in metaphor - concepts to carry an idea past our normal understanding when we try to grasp a larger perspective on a situation. When music transports us to a place in our minds eye, that place has become the meta, the idea in the beyondness of the music and the music is the phore.

I was watching 'Once Upon A Time' last night, the program has reached a lovely metaphor for where we are on the planet - most of us who see the larger picture. The savior has reached the point where she has in her hands a way to extinguish all dark magic in the world. She stands there with the ultimate choice in her hands… Of course they left that till next week, but it made me think.

Killing anything, even extreme evil, with vengeance in your heart, makes you no better than the evil you are wishing to eliminate, and yet, if the evil continues, it only allows more damage to occur.

Which brings me to the lovely little circular logic duality fallacies that go nowhere:

You can't see the light without the dark

Where there is good, there also lurks evil

The greater the light, the deeper the darkness

Of which there are a million. The argument has always been that growth requires challenge, and the greater the challenge, the greater the growth. Without this type of challenge we would never expand our empathy, our wisdom, or our knowledge. It seems to be these are three very important attributes of spiritually growing up - that lead to discernment, with which we use those 3 attributes to understand creation and ourselves. Because great empathy without equal measure of wisdom can lead to being duped and used, and great wisdom without great empathy can be brutal. And knowledge without either of the other two is a direct path to destruction.

So you see, how you can get stuck in this pretty little problem? How it would be wonderful to go after the 'bad-guys' without any consequences? But there are always consequences because the universe says EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTIONS are a part of its laws. When you get around to realizing that this works in ALL phases of reality, is when you begin to realize that a direct movement against anything, unless you want to bring it to you, or become it, is NOT the answer.

So WHAT IS a potential answer??? That always boils down to changing yourself. Your inner flow. There is a faction on earth that would like to take the cabal and all its minions and string them up by their toenails quite publicly and punish them - an eye for an eye, which has all the potential to turn into a witch trial - and we will also feel that energy (I for one, don't want that). There are some that would like to transport these people to somewhere else, and then they would come and find us again… and there are some that say that all we need is a full disclosure of all the hidden and forgotten (the veil lifted) that has ever gone on.

I tend to agree with that because we would all have the information, knowledge we need to RISE ABOVE, energetically, emotionally and spiritually, and if the mass of us on this earth did that, then by free will the trouble makers would have to go somewhere else or change, because this somewhere would no longer support that kind of beingness.

I hope…

What do you think?

P.S. if you think about it, people are walking metaphors….

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