On being human: The Cage


What kind of society are we where we are trained so well, that all they have to say to us is; 'CAGE!' and we willingly go there? I mean shoot, some do not even know there IS a cage. Others like me, have been terrorized to retreat to the cage, the only "safe" place. I remind myself of some well trained crate dog. I do NOT crate mine, nor will I EVER! I It is inhumane in my world, and yet I willingly stay in my cage, my safe spot because I'm a dufus!! And I like to think of myself as fringe… It's part of the terror training we have all been through, those of us who like to think we can think.


Until lately, there has been no way to break out of that cage without landing yourself in another type of cage. There has been plenty going on in the world to make us all want a safe-cage, just look at all the terror tactics applied to all those who tried to escape.


The entire time the door has been open. It has been our choice to live in the cage. I have spent an entire life time wanting something so badly, that I have studied many things to see how they all applied. They all had the same grain of truth in them: that conscious development was the key, but they also had messages built into them that made it seem unattainable just the same.


The reason for this is because it is easy. So, incase the arduous journey of progression through one method or another wasn't difficult enough, incase you actually 'got it', there was also the fear component out there. Just incase you happened to step into spiritual adulthood, opened your eyes and went, "Holy Shit!", there were hundreds of other stop gaps built into the system (the matrix) that kept you in line.


While this makes me incredibly frustrated, and angry, wasting SO MUCH time, I can understand why I had to traverse the path I did, because until I got to this point it was still somebody else's fault, or worse yet, humans, except for a select few are not 'good enough' yet to reach that high, high goal. And, it takes courage that until I got old and creaky enough to not care the consequences of, I could not muster.


As we all were, I was born awake and then obediently learned the cage game, then, in midlife willingly accepted the cage-game as safety for my growing family, convinced there was no other way, truly indoctrinated. (and truly sad) I know why we all do it, to provide for and love those we love as best we can. The system is set up for perfect compliance that way.


Have you ever noticed that when others are around they seem to help the stability of the world, that there is not so much strangeness that happens? My husband does this for me. I have been putting cogitation and time into loosening the cage bars and just suggesting to myself that it's ok to be more open, perceive more. Last night he went to play an open stage and I had a couple of hours in the evening alone. Well, because I have been trying, the high strangeness was high while he was gone. I did keep saying, "Whoops, what was that???" Doors were creaking and things kept running by my peripheral vision, and all the dogs were scattered around me asleep. So if it wasn't them….? And, inevitably I got spooked. The lights were low and the TV was on (Hanger1 was running a marathon) and I finally got up and turned on all the lights and said, 'OK, enough…' I quit seeing stuff, but not sensing stuff. The freakies stayed with me. Then he walked in and CLICK! It all stopped.


So, I have come to realize that I really do have what I have always wanted, perception that allows more of the world in, however, when I allow it to visit, I'm still without the courage to meet it. Sometimes I wish it wasn't so easy to go running back into the cage, and that I would just get OVER my self…. But here I am… sigh

What is that they say… "Where ever you go, there you are?"

But my favorite is above a bar in Jerome Arizona:


I need a Gibbs smack

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