Over 99 percent of your being is NOT 3D


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OK, rather than continue to chronical all the negative that has been done and is being done to us in an effort to control us in this very limited spectra of our actual beingness, I am going to skip to the third part - the SPIRITUAL part. I would preface this by defining spiritual.

adjective: spiritual    spir·it·u·al ˈspiriCH(əw)əl adjective

1. of, relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. "I'm responsible for his spiritual welfare"

2. of or relating to religion or religious belief. "the tribe's spiritual leader"

Please Notice: # 2 IS NOT SPIRITUAL. It has nothing to do with your inner being and everything to do with the CONTROL of it. Religion, in many cases sole purpose is to keep you from actually realizing your spiritual side. Remember this. Religion belongs in the mental/physical sections of control.

The one area that NOBODY can control - unless we willing let them - is our spirit. And that is the answer to our problems. While all the other devices that I have mentioned can and are being used against us and basically there is no recourse against it on a personal basis, your spirit is yours and yours alone. Should we decide one person at a time to take back our personal spirit and get to know it we would eliminate ALL of their power to rule us. Their entire plan would fall to the ground in ashes.

When you add all of the people together who are doing this, the effects are monumental. Just look up group meditations for world peace. Look up the heart math institute. We are just beginning to understand how vital this aspect of our selves is in creating the world we need.

Further, each person who does this work on themselves, adds to the total beings raising their awareness of their entire being, and it has a tipping point that once passed makes it easier for all to understand and do. So, you ask, What is the one best thing I can do, to begin to understand how this affects me in my every day, work-a-world life?

It is very simple. Every time you feel an energy loss, a discordant emotion, have a negative experience that comes out of nowhere, stop and review how you were thinking two seconds before it happened. When you become familiar with noticing, the second step is to choose to change that thought process replacing it with one you want, instead of being driven by one you don't want.

Just this one two step process can radically change your life in under a week.

You say, but that takes a lot of time and effort! So make a game of it, or put it in your mind to do and let your consciousness show you. That takes no effort, because you are engaging your higher consciousness to do it. Trust me, that part of you is always aware and ready to help you. Consider it another of my silly mind experiments. Just put the idea in there and see what happens.

The whole point of this short little article is simply to say that this tiny portion of focus that is us in this 3D experience is a mere atom of who we are as a whole. This article explains better. https://alsionsbells.wordpress.com/2015/10/20/at-one-degree-of-de-tune/ And rather than buy into the rotten picture of what is going on in the here now on this earth as if it is the only thing real, get to know the other 99% of yourself - because the game is far bigger than 'they' would have us believe and in the bigger picture, 'they' really have no control over us what-so-ever!

I'm ready to play the game by my rules, aren't you?

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