How would we know that one person's perception is any different than our own? We assume that because others are not acting strangely that they are seeing/perceiving what we are. And that they are feeling - which is their own inner reaction to the perception - the same as we are especially if those feelings appear to be the same, IE: everybody is crying, everybody is laughing.


But what if life is just slightly off in a couple of important ways? For you? What if you are born knowing pretty closely what people are thinking, or at least their motives behind what they are saying to you and what if you always know when they are lying…etc., etc., etc.? What if you thought everybody had this information? The question would then become; Why on earth are they saying this to me when we both know they are not being truthful? How crazy-making would that be? The only conclusion you could draw as a kid is that big people like to be mean and they are all as tricky as hell.


As you grew up you would understand that you had to see behind the mask/lie that everybody projected for various reasons. You would also understand that there were times when as long as they were polite, you just really couldn't give a rat's ass anymore with most of them. Then once you close that door because of the racket it brought your mind, you would begin to loose true perception which would make you an excellent mark. Especially once you decided to try to see the 'good' in everybody because you were tired of the ugliness…


In pursuit of a structure to understand this grand mess, you begin to think about things like; walking a mile in another's shoes, what that I am perceiving is my own perception and what is someone else's? With my body's senses, what am I feeling, and does it correlate to my direct environment - or not? With my feelings, are they making sense to my inner self and the moment, or are they foreign? With my mind am I alone in there or do I have company? Trust me, these are not the usual questions most people ask themselves. They are questions one asks when one is trying to check out whether they are crazy or not… and they make you feel crazy - but they are actually questions a very sane person would ask, once they begin to piece together that they really are different from what they are told they are and what they think they are and what they are allowed to be.


It wasn't until I took a course called, Integrated Awareness taught by an amazing woman named Connie Newton that I was really able to make some sense of it, and trust me, I had tried because at the point I found her class, I had been reading the Bailey books, was a card carrying member the Theosophical Society in America in Geneva IL and attended classes there, had been doing yoga for some 7+ years, and had some martial arts training under my belt, had attended chi class, had read Ledbetter, was drawing aura's and had been into UFO's for years.

KNOW that there will be NO accidents from this point on. At this point in your ascension process everything that happens in your life is YOUR creation. Because your consciousness is now resonating to the threshold to the fifth dimension, every random thought and emotion will become manifest. Because you still hold a physical form, your manifestations will still appear to be bound by time…your 3D brain, which has been limping along at 3-5% efficiency…your multidimensional consciousness will no longer accept the obvious lies and illusions that were “normal” for your third dimensional consciousness


Her class was about using an energy bridge that created a white light within the pineal/pituitary bodies of the brain, which helped me a lot. I not only got a handle on what was going on with myself, but was able to bring under my conscious control the rogue behavior of the extended senses or sensitivity that I had been plagued by all my life. When I was a little kid, I would lay in bed trying to go to sleep and every night I would see beautiful fireworks in my head, so much so that I couldn't fall asleep. This bridge brought them under my control too.


I began to understand that everybody had their own internal symbolic structure inside their head. This structure had similarities and personal symbology, much like Jung's theory of architypes. There are idea structures in the large picture that we all have like, parent, sibling, family etc. that are the same in meaning, the only difference being how we react to those structures causing a difference in personal experience and memories. IE; if you like the color blue, then it has a positive connotation to you, but if you hate it…


Fast forward to the last month or so; my dad who recently passed has come twice to me in the between (sleep and waking). The first time was to express amazement and joy, the second time he had that look like he was seeing something he'd never seen before, and it was serious and squinty eyed, like he was trying to see into me… he wasn't mad, it wasn't disapproval, but it was a look my dad never gave me before (I guess I should cut him some slack, he's never been dead before either…at least in this current personality). I'm not sure what he meant this last time.


This all started me thinking about perception and the act of perception. For most of our lives we use our body - the 3D anchor - to perceive, gather and use information in this world. When we talk about other places not of this world, we talk about them in 3D terms - it is, after all, our only experience in this form we wear - or so we think. So, does the body create perception, or is it just the perceptive instrument? If it's just the instrument you use to perceive this place, then how do we as spirits/beings actually interact with people or this 3D world after we no longer wear a body? Is it through a thought construct of the memory of being in a body? Because, I will swear to the truth of contact with dead people who are not in the body…and other beings who might not even have a body…(and, I AM NOT CRAZY, jus' say'in)


Next thought on this is that, it shouldn't really matter the condition of the body that perceives (except for a condition creating a distraction through pain, etc.) however, even though the body and the perceiver are intertwined as one, they are still also separate, so the perceiver should be able to know and perceive, even though the body is not perfect IE: Steven Hawking, and anyone who remote views.


I also wonder if the internet of things is not the entire false paradigm that we are all worried about? Is that internal world called the internet which lives almost entirely in our minds any more or less 'real' than the 3D world? The answer will come to me one day when I see the internet changing something in the 'real world' without real-world action. Like ordering my grass cut on line and  looking out my window at a perfect lawn from one second to the next. That would be when I knew something was up.


As much as they like to fool us, as much as they might wish to so seamlessly meld the on-line world with the 3D world, there is always going to be something more real about planting my bare feet in the grass and talking to my trees, feeling the love of my pets and hearing them in my mind, feeling the stomach ache my husband has in my own stomach, and knowing that interaction is with living things in real-time-in-my-face, instead of a sophisticated piece of machinery I'm holding in my hand that is only feeding my mind. The day this internet learns to invade my body at the level of 3D to create a false perception, is the day it will already be too late to stop the invasion. Till then, I'm good even if I am now being annoyed by ads for the S9+ Samsung phone…

(which until I can get


a glass-pad phone with heads up holographic display and interactive holographic keyboard - at a freaking real price I can afford - it's all MEH)


I guess the question really is,

who are we?

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