Practice questions:



How would you feel if you woke up one morning and all ET's, ED's and inner-earthers were just there? Nothing else has changed, nothing is threatened and all just perks along the way it has before?


What would you do if someone came to your door with an over-unity device for your house and said, here… let me show you how this works and then we will install it together?


How about a food replicator in place of your microwave? I know some of us would still cook - but, how about those nights when there isn't time?


What would you do if face book was your mind and you didn't have to have that phone anymore unless you wanted it? I'm not talking about an implant either, I'm talking about a fully organic process.


What would you do differently if any organic process like heart disease and diabetes, spinal cord injuries, arthritis etc. were all curable?


Have you ever wanted to be Dr. Doolittle and talk to your animals?


These are all practice questions to go over in your mind - as if they were really real, not just a nice story. NOT fantasy. Really, just what would you do? How would you feel? How would it change the person you are on a daily basis? If every one of these enhancements to your life showed up on your doorstep, tomorrow ….?

Would you be happy or confused? Once you got over the change - got used to these things, how would your life change? Would you live it differently? Would it make you a different person? Would you be happier? Or would it simply serve to magnify the problems you already have because you now have nothing to distract yourself from dealing with them???


Supposing there was no more 'the-they', no more hidden history, no more cabal, you knew all about the back story since people inhabited this rock.


What would we do, who would we be if it was all over?


Really, think about this as if it were real. I would love to have some feedback, some dialogue from those of you who read this. I am very curious.

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