Pretty Tricky…


So, I have always wondered HOW some of the loosh that we make gets to the said people who want it…


Well, I was watching a TV show on Friday that had the heroine in a life or death situation. Of course they went to commercial break at that very OMG moment. I went for my phone to peruse face book while I waited for the almost over 4+ minutes of bs., to shift some of the built up energy the plot had brought me to, and the frustration of having to wait till the damned commercials were over and it wasn't with me. I had left it in another room. I realized in that moment that I wanted to shift some of that emotional energy and aggravation into my phone, to intellectually let off steam while I had to wait.


It was then that I noticed just how the program had built up to that moment and brought it to a fever pitch and then cut off. It left me with all this swirling energy that I needed to pass on. Where was I going to do it? I was going to put it into my phone. Why is this important? Because the phone is continuously hooked to a radio signal and a Wi-Fi signal. It is always on and always broadcasting.


I sat there dumbstruck, realizing that I was just about to give it up to 'somewhere'! I said out loud to the air,

"Oh!!! I get it! That is one way you collect all that loosh!"

My dog who was sitting with me looked at me like he had told me this all before and I was an idiot for only now just getting it. (lols)


Supposing this is one way this loosh is collected, after all it is a frequency and our phones are also receivers and broadcasters, and everybody on the planet practically owns a cell phone and they are always on them - even in the house because they have made them so much cheaper than land lines. That would mean at EVERY disaster, at every fight, at every moment of everybody's day, while you sit there and read FB and get riled about the stupidity or watch the news or any number of things you can now do on your phone, not only is your phone recording your whole life, it's also funneling your emotional energy to somewhere else…


Just a thought but, Pretty Tricky of them if it's true… Gotta see what I can do about a proof for this.

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