Re-Legaré vs. Deaf, Dumb and Senseless


Etymology 1

From Proto-Italic *legō, from Proto-Indo-European *leǵ-. Cognates include Ancient Greek λέγω ‎(légō, “I speak, I choose, I mean”) and Albanian mbledh.


(Classical) IPA(key): /ˈle.ɡoː/, [ˈɫɛ.ɡoː]


legō ‎(present infinitive legere, perfect active lēgī, supine lēctum); third conjugation

1. I choose, select, appoint [quotations ▼]

2. I collect, gather, bring together

3. I read

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From Latin ligāre, present active infinitive of ligō.



1. (transitive) to bind or tie

2. (transitive) to unite

3. (transitive) to connect

4. (intransitive) to get on (with someone)

5. (intransitive) to alloy

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lego, legare, legavi, legatus

verb ; conjugation: 1st conjugation


1. bequeath, will

2. entrust, send as an envoy, choose as a deputy

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It comes from two words, the prefix re meaning, "to return" and the root legare meaning, "to bind." The Full Feed from

If we do indeed come from God, or Spirit or the Divine, or whatever other name you find comfortable, then educating oneself may be a form of re-legare, of reconnecting to that which already is, to that which is already living inside.) From <>

We all 'know' that language both spoken, written and in the mind as thought has great power in our minds and hearts. Within this one word lies an entire rabbit hole of truth. Words can conceal, and confuse and outright lie about things as well as heal, inspire and lead to truth. Truth, we say is as individual as our words; "the same thing can be said in many ways…" The 'real' truth will only come out when we as a 'spiritual-we' are in a sense, one mind. Meaning that we are telepathically linked and can understand the 'heart' of the other. To that end, the word Re-Legare holds a world of information and learning.

Re-Legare: To re-connect to an energy already inside of us. The energy we have been highly trained to forget, our divine inheritance, WHO WE REALLY ARE.

Legare meaning I CHOOSE (choose to connect) and also UNITE in the same breath is just mind blowing. Re-Legare then becomes a very important concept right now.

What nobody seems to understand in this whole debacle (this circus of forgetfulness we call daily life) going on right now is that it is a false reality created by persuading us to believe that we are only what we see on the outside. We are so fully programmed with the giggle factor/fear of the idiot, that we dare not even acknowledge it, making us functional schizophrenics. We are split off from reality by thousands of years of programming. We are so entrenched in the acceptance of the lie that society incarcerates people who wake up and not only refuse to believe the lie but threaten to expose the lie. We will stay prisoners in this sector of the people on this planet for as long as we wish to play stupid and are unwilling to give up the roles assigned to us to keep us docile and unaware while they use us as they feed us the cool aid.

This other reality is all around us in our everyday world, you only have to blink to see it, and those who are on the other side are like children who have managed to steal a cookie from the cookie jar without anybody noticing. Do you think they will willingly give that up???

The waking up factor is nasty. Once you do, the weight of the evidence and what has been done to the earth and us is immense. Therefore a lot of people take a peek and go right back to obeying the rules because they just can't deal with it.

But the question remains: Are we going to re-connect with the truth inside of us and choose, or are we going to delegate it to someone else to choose for us? Choose a deputy or envoy? Relinquish our sovereignty to someone else? AND… it's all in one word, right there. Go read the definitions again - and again till they sink in.

There is an entire world that exists hidden in plain sight, and that is just the first layer. It is 3D just like us but because of our training we don't realize what is before our eyes. Then, should we choose to re-link - pay attention to - allow the rest of our being into our daily lives, there is an entirely different layer of reality, knowing, and substance of a finer matter that would become apparent to us. We call it energy (and of course, since the new-age indoctrination, it has the giggle factor attached to it - on purpose because it is too readily apparent to us all) and if we really payed attention to it would give us a huge amount of insight and power to a whole world that is there and is the driving force underneath a whole way of life we should be familiar with. A way of life that would really open our eyes and inform us as to how those who are the programmers get away with what they do.

The reason we are such easy prey, why we are so easily tricked, used, subjugated and enslaved is because we outright refuse to look and see. This whole world of 'secret' space programs, alien and interdimensional reality requires that we have this function intact. Every other race out there and inside here does, that is how they manage to pull this off right under our noses. It is how two societies can exist right next to each other in plain sight while one side is deaf, dumb and senseless to it.

Further, Our Gaia's unique gift to existence is that she can and does gestate life of all kinds, and I guess there are a whole lot of 'people' out there who would like their turn here. Which explains a good amount of the shenanigans going on at this time. In one way it's almost like they'd like us to re-combine with the divine to get us off the planet so they could have their turn….

IMO unless we can manage to shake off the programming, wake from our deep slumber and DO something about the stealing of the earth right out from under us, we might as well just flush - 'cause that’s where we are all headed, down the drain.

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