Rescuing Baby Birds


Because I know better than to ignore the universe when it is being loud, and because the universe knows I am hard-headed, when I get two amazing events in a row I pay attention. (mainly because if I wait for the proverbial 3rd event or notification in my case its already too late!)

Twice now, I have had to rescue baby birds from being inside a structure they do not belong in. Once in my mom's bathroom where a fledgling came in through her bathroom exhaust fan (thank heavens for duct tape solutions) and just now in my kitchen. I have a black cat called Finn - after the king of the elves. He brought me a live undamaged baby bird and dropped it at my feet. So, like I did at my mother's house I wrapped him in a towel, took him out side and let him go. My thought while I did this was, 'Wow, again??' Which set off the alarm bells in my head and I immediately sat down to think about it.

I use a dream dictionary by Wilda B. Tanner when I need to look up symbols, as her interpretations are non-Freudian. (Freud had the right idea, but I think his brain was on GMO's or something)

Birds in general are symbols of joy, song, lightheartedness, freedom, flexibility, a state of love, joy ecstasy, music or harmony. They may also symbolize the spirit or the spiritual part of us and may symbolize the soul and its ability to soar to great heights.

whitecraneI have also seen more cranes this spring than in my entire life. ( can be a pun on craning your neck or flexibility of the neck or will) Blue ones and white ones. ( Blue is the color of the 5th chakra and the center of the will and white the color of the crown.) Then there are the brown eagles (clear insight and wisdom) and the hawks (wisdom, intuition and vigilance). brown eagleThey fly a lot around here because of the mice and other rodents on the planting fields. One day I turned a sharp corner into a very secluded corn field and caught a HUGE brown eagle in a steep banking turn about 5 feet off the ground, zeroing in on a mouse. He was huge and immediate, I have never been that close up to one!

Flight symbolizes freedom, the ability to rise above a situation, detachment from the physical plane, viewing things from a higher level.

So maybe the universe is trying to tell me to get myself up and out of the mud, quit wallowing and observe life more from the higher perspective with a little bit of wisdom, even if I have to take baby steps to begin with, because I obviously have the ability to do it - the V8 moment after I had to physically rescue not one, but two baby birds from an 'artificial cage' where they didn't belong tells me so.

Hello! I also know that if I wait any longer to take the higher viewpoint, the next 'reminder' from the universe is going to hurt. It always does. So, today and maybe for a while, I am going to practice the larger picture, the larger reality, put the inner victim to bed, tuck her in and sternly say, "Stay there!"

balance pointThere is a balance point somewhere between the emotional inner realness, and the larger bigger mind picture realness. Finding that balance point is essential to wellbeing and perception, because living on one side or the other is extremely counterproductive. I know, because I have tried it both ways. Perception on either 'side' is also very warped.

We all strive to make meaning out of random events in our lives and it is when we pull up to the higher view point that we can connect the dots and see the meaning we are looking for. But living up there you can miss the vibrant emotional richness of life on this planet. Conversely, living in deep emotion can get you lost in a tossing restless sea, cast about by the vagaries of life with no way to find a safe harbor. Balance, in all things, my mother used to preach to me. Once again it is time to practice.


As a post script to this, in the same field that I saw the eagle last fall, today, there was a Turkey ( ! ) of all things on the side of the road eating the seeds of the grass, I had no clue wild turkeys were so very pretty! Is this the universe name calling, or:

Turkey: Known as an unthinking, foolish, inept bird, but still symbolizes the holidays ( and the slaughter of millions of birds and a mass consumption festival… most of our holidays are manufactured anyway, aren't they? All based around buy consume, buy consume… food for thought, no pun intended!) However looked at another way, a bird that foraged the forest without destroying its biome. Smart and wily, before we genetically engineered them into what they are today - just to eat them.


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