Resonance – The change we wish to see in the world is within our own hearts.


Isn't it interesting that we have to turn off sound, to concentrate - because it is one of the purest conversion of wavelengths into our focus point. (1)



All of her life sings a song in harmony so indescribably beautiful, so unimaginably wondrous. The depth of the beauty rips my soul wide open - and sometimes I have to cry for it all - and the deep love we are all enfolded in, the continuous bath of sonic support and love, vs… the damage we have done and continue to do to her.

Sometimes I feel as if I am listening to the funeral remembrances of her soul. It hurts so bad what we are doing to her. If you have ears to hear, then hear the love that runs through all the melodies that I have put here. Let your essence mingle with the obvious love she has for us.

And wake up and help.


(FYI, some of these are long, so just listen for 30 seconds or so…)

Gaia's song in her greater environment is lovely. She sings her soul into the electromagnetic weavings of our entire solar system. Then too, when cymatics are applied to the electromagnetic field that has been changed into sound and raised a few quantum octaves in to sound in our range, it is also lovely.

But as you come in closer, and listen to the different life forms (cells of her body) they also sing a song of great beauty. Back in the 80's I ran across a talented listener, Paul Winter and was entranced by the music he heard in various 'natural' songs he heard in animal vocalizations.



Then someone in his back yard was recording crickets, He put it in his computer and slowed it way down and was amazed with what he heard. This video gives you the whole story.


While I was exploring for these videos I accidently had the crickets and the whales playing at the same time, by opening two you tube pages at once, and THEY BLENDED!!! It was as if they were different parts of the same orchestra. And I'll bet that if you ran the earthsong from NASA underneath, you would have another part of the symphony…

Even plants sing, and can learn to communicate with this method. THEY LEARN. THEY ARE INTELLIGENT! Experience what is was like to be in the Secret Forests in Damanhur and listen to the singing plants. It will change your perception on life.

And no article would be complete without this video of a dog dancing to the beat. #theeloquenceofsound


The ability of sound to transmit information IS the story of creation on this planet. It is ALL frequency. There are places, like the hall of records under the foot of the sphinx that are vibratory records. Nobody understands because in 3D nothing seems to be there, just like the 5D tech that we thought was nothing more than rocks…

I had this illustrated to me in an experience that opened my mind to the possibility that some music had information in it, not just the impetus to image - but hard core encoded information. One of my Psych teachers back in the 80's was half native American and half Irish (for some reason I scared the you know what out of him - to this day I am confused about it) was giving a concert at a local coffee house. He was taught by a Native American elder and Shaman specific flute songs. He had told us in class that they were difficult to learn because they had to be precise. A bunch of us from class decided to go and hear him play. I was sitting listening to his music with my eyes closed and image formed: a lovely desert landscape with all of the details in sharp clarity including the sunset and the sounds and the feel of the environment. I told him after his performance what I had experienced, thinking he might get a kick out of it, and I frightened him even more. (The guy had military history and was 6'4" and rode a Harley hog, and was black ops…so I am still confused as to why a short person like me had that effect on him) Anyway: Encoded into all sound I believe is A FORM OF COMPLETE information and the Native Americans learned to put the records of their land and of their connection with their land into their music so it was NOT forgotten.

And last, but not least, the Templars managed to encode cymatic patterns into Rosslyn Chapel. This is just the music written from what was found in the codes: . This is the whole story of its discovery:

Then Stewart Mitchell went on to decode other music. Here is what Chromosome 1 sounds like in the human genome.


Do you see Why Jimmy Church CAN talk about music and UFO's and the Paranormal all in the same breath??

I encourage you to listen to all of the above, if only for a few short seconds to understand that we are all music, vibration, codes of the vast universe we are living in and because that is true we are all intertwined in each other down to our molecular structure and beyond into the vibrating substrate of that structure.

Peace - because my peace is yours and yours is mine.


I leave you with this beautiful prayer for the earth.


  1. Imagine that this skin we walk around in is really no more than an energetic containment field, a focus point. This field exists only in a very, very tiny bit of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is so definitive that while you are focused on it you forget that you are a lot more than just that one point, kind of like reading a very good book, or watching a movie that really grabs you - for a moment you are there, and the outside world ceases to exist. From <>



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