If we are here specifically in time to extend our ability to learn about duality, then the point is not to get sideswiped by a million other distractions. Like normal Saturday chores, you have to vacuum, dust, mop the kitchen floor, do the pre-prep on a dinner casserole, grocery shop and have it all ready and done by 5pm. Along the way however, when you open the cabinet under the sink to get the floor mopping juice, it's such a mess you get aggravated and sit down then and there and re-organize the whole thing. But when you go to throw out all the junk that accumulated there, you realize you don't have any more kitchen garbage bags, so, in spite of your nice little list that you had of things to do all in order, you pop out to the grocery store to get bags and come home with $75 worth of stuff you hadn't planned on getting while also passing by Starbucks to get a coffee, which you consume there while perusing your FB for an hour. By the time you get home, its 4:30 and not one item on that list is done.

Yes, you had a nice day - but walking back inside your home there is mass chaos. So. Do you finish your tasks all through the evening, or do you sit down with a glass of wine to counter the effects of the coffee which at this point have your teeth hurting??? Hum? I'd be voting wine (really beer) and then it's all over till the morrow.

One of the effects that social media and alternative media is having on us is creating this mass confusion with too much information. This wouldn't be bad - except that most of it is purposefully unrelated to everything else, so there is no addition to the bigger picture, just mass confusion of information all floating around bumping into each other with no meaningful connections. This is not counting the disinfo projected our way that takes discernment to weed out… The feeling is kinda of akin to the feeling you have walking into your house in disarray from the 7 different projects you had going that are all half done.

Plus, this doesn't take into account all the manufactured bullsh*t going on out in the world that is part of a plan to make us believe that stuff is going on, (false flags - of which we have a new category -  the manufactured Trump protests, btw, curtesy of Soros et al...)when it really isn't. Nor does it make up for really important stuff that that is going on that nobody knows about both above and below the radar. That would be like someone sneaking into your home while you were out at the grocery and Starbucks, ordering pizza and chinese takeout watching movies all day and with all the garbage laying around and just leaving. You almost can't tell they did because of the mess you already have going on, but you look around confused because you know something happened…

What I am trying to illustrate is that most of us are like Dory from Finding Nemo. Squirrely and distractible. We love the latest and greatest, the glitteriest and brightest, the coolest and most thrilling thing put in our path.

The POINT?? Well, we need to remember, tattoo on the inside of our eyelids, 'I will pay attention, I will ignore the glitter and stay the course of discerning the real.' Once our house is in order, or at least the daily tasks are done, yeah, it's fun to play with the glitter because you know it's glitter and you know how you are being distracted and misled. We are here to learn how to choose from a multitude of things, NOT be led around by our noses.


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