Swirling, Moving, Vibes


The fact that we can perceive something, ourselves included as solid, is just downright amazing. When you consider that we are moving in so many ways so quickly, through so many states at once, vibrating, turning, speeding through space through waves of energy out in space, in many dimensions at once, the simple fact that we can and do appear as something solid enough to even see, let alone have this whole universe to knock around in boggles the mind.

Consider what force of focus this takes, to narrow down to so fine a point as we have, to keep it that tight for endless time, and to then limit even further all the erroneous bits that we can see that might clue us into this greater picture by mean force of will. Lying to ourselves, sort of, that we don't notice anything else.

I came rocketing back from somewhere last night where I had to one by one eliminate from my awareness, by zooming in to tighter and tighter focus, each direction and speed of motion I was traveling at until I lay still, in my body and I could actually BE here. In those three seconds of transition before this old body felt every ache and pain and itch that had accumulated during the night, just before I had to move out of the cocoon of warmth I had been in all night, I was aware of this movement. I was only able to make sense of it because instead of banging back into my body abruptly, it happened motion layer by motion layer, so I had the infinity of three or four seconds before I was fully ensconced in my body to perceive this transition… All I can say is WOW!

I awoke asking, "How in heavens name do we all manage this?" Because it was amazing to me that one could even be able to have the ability from somewhere to create a focus so powerful as to be able to stay here, and not get totally distracted by all the rest of the activity, the vibes that are around us all the time! Not only that, to actually within time maintain the illusion. How do we do that??? And yet, here we are thinking this tiny little focus of consciousness IS all that there is. I must admit - in my waking state of mind, that is easy.

That would make death nothing more than realizing the speed and direction of your actual existence and all its varied vortexes within vortexes embedded within each other. Its amazing that we think we are still. Because we are not. Only our conscious focus on this one point, this one place, this one condition, keeps us here. You know how when you meditate you are supposed to be doing exactly that? Well as a soul we are already IN a state of meditation called life. So when we try to meditate, we are the meditator trying to meditate while we meditate…..


Is it any wonder?

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