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If you only have half the information you can be tricked.

The more information that you do have, the better you will be able to respond in any type of crisis. We all know this. We learned in Boy Scouts, we learned in home-ec, ( do they even have that class anymore?) we learned this in having to deal with our children, we learned it in any number of ways. The point being it behooves us to look at all of the different layers on top of what is defined as the shadow government, which is the bottom of the power pyramid, that will also affect this equation. Because things can go wrong six ways to Sunday after the elections as most people are afraid they will, depending on the amount of information you have been able to glean and understand due to the permeability of your reality bubble, you will be basing your actions on either incomplete information or complete information, What do you think will give you the most viable platform to decide what to do next for you and your loved ones should it all idiocy erupt? Half the information, or all of the information?

There are layers to understanding.

As many of the people that I read in this subject line like Justin Deschamps, and Aug Tellez explain, there are many levels of information to get through. If you start at the most obvious input, digest that and then progress to the next layer you will have less of a problem understanding that something that sounds too outrageous to actually be considered should be actually considered.

I know this personally. As I really digest and internally order in my psyche new information, what I thought was a little out-there has become so obvious, I am amazed I was so slow-brained to not get it 4 years ago, when I first heard it. But as new information becomes available and my understanding of it improves I realize upon re-hearing or re-reading the older information, that it has now  become self-obvious. A good example is the new sit-com on TBS "People of Earth" about life as an abductee, with all the info hanging out and written as a comedy. We have reached the layer that can allow information that would have had you threatened if you told it 40 years ago where it can be shown on network TV as a sit-com... There are layers to understanding; once you fill in a layer even if you are working two or three above, you will pop through to an ah ha moment where various pieces of information were floating around in your head finally connect and a bigger part of the puzzle becomes visible, understood.

If we were to have massive data dumps

If we were to have massive data dumps of information on things that the public can't even consider, and has actually been programmed to laugh at, none of it would make sense and people would be overwhelmed, would be in utter confusion. Not only that, it would incite people to rash behavior and emotional riot. Therefore information coming out in stages in digestible meals allows, the general populace to get a handle on ideas they would've never ever considered possible before this. These ideas then must be incorporated into a reality system that has changed enough to allow their assimilation. Once that happens then the next layer of information can be released. And it's not so much that we haven't heard all this before, even the general populace, it is realizing that this information is real . Not fantasy. That is going to be the single most difficult thing for people to understand . This is because we have been trained so well, we have been taught by a system that continues to teach us with negative consequences to ignore anything going on in reality that is not part of the mainstream program strategy . In my opinion, and both Aug Tellez and Justin Deschamps have said this, if all of this information was dumped at once, the people would be incapable of digesting all of it in one lump sum or being able to understand any of it. This would cause more damage than good and produce no positive effect. The current elections and their extreme idiocy and farce, their extreme unbelievableness, are part and parcel of getting the most asleep people to awaken. Even the most trained, asleep and resistant minds are having problems digesting what they are seeing going on in front of their eyes. The most asleep people are waking up to the circus being played out in front of them and recognizing that there is something really wrong with this picture.

It is theater of the absurd on purpose

1absurdIt is a first step to awakening. It is blatant. it is obvious. It is theater of the absurd on purpose.

The two main ideas of this article are: the stages of waking up necessary to understanding the whole picture and assimilation of the information such that a positive outcome is possible for of all of society in one way or another.

The Stages: these have been enumerated in many ways by many cultures. The first couple of them are crucial to the rest. Just like learning math, if you do not know what addition is, it becomes impossible to do any other math work - however, if you don't know what a number is…

You do not have to go down any rabbit holes to get this information. It is out there every day and on the news and in our history books. It is how you put it together and if you are seeing in a big enough framework that matters. One trick I have used throughout my life is to push an idea to its absurdist length, to the inane, insane as far as it will go just before breakdown and then see if it works. Lately, sad to say, this has proven some merit.

To that idea, You cannot stuff a graduate course in someone's brain if they are still in first grade and learning to read. So, while there is already enough published out there, There is still far more that is waiting in the wings to be known. If entire story was all dumped on society at once, nobody would be able to use it, because the top part of the facts would seem absurd and insane, much less would they understand or be able to think about it, digest it, discern it and use it to make better decisions about the world, and what they want to see happen. The disbursement of ALL of the information to the normal populace would cause a negative outcome for ALL of us, it would do far more harm than good. The point of waking us up, is to teach us to be more, to give us that opportunity, to allow us to mature enough to make our own decisions on whether we choose to be at war, or feed those that are in need. We have never been allowed that choice before.


The entire point of the giggle factor.

The entire point of the giggle factor, the 'seen that on a TV show/movie' factor, the sci-fi factor, the ostracization factor, society shaming, job loosing, mental diagnosis factor IS to prevent us from ever even looking seriously at this information. To make sure we are, before we even open our mouths, already policing ourselves from such gave error!

But, one extreme is another man's catalyst to learn, grow and change, so in a slightly twisted by today's standards way, all of these centuries old lies about who and what we are and the psycho-spiritual cage we are in has finally culminated in a grand favor, an opening, the result of which is a huge push back against the cage bars we have finally found too confining.

There is no blame in this game, only choice.

There is no blame in this game - no fault…. Just as the current circus is awakening the sleepers, the catalyst for the rest of us has been other things. Either way, I think it interesting that we got shaken out of our slumber years ago and the effect is now filtering down to everybody in society, so that none is being left behind. Because before you can CHOOSE your destiny, you have to wake up and see what is before you - what your choices are, that you can even have a choice and then you figure out whether you will be ruled, or will rule over yourself, whether you will be caged and taught what to think and how to behave, or whether you got this, whether you will live on your own land and grow your own foods or you will eat what is provided to you, whether you will teach your children well, or turn them over to the state for indoctrination. And yes, THESE ARE CHOICES, or at least they should be.

What tears at my heart the most, is that the earth doesn't have time to wait for us to come up to snuff. There is no margin of the luxury of slow consideration in this here and now.  Our biosphere, the planet's ecosystem - Gaia's body is failing because we have spent too long in the bamboozle. We need to wake up, smell the coffee and hit the ground running. We need ALL of those data dumps now and let the crisis come - it still might be too late to save us and all of our friends on this planet. But we are going to have to try to attempt this on a wing and a prayer, helping the rest of the people to learn as we go along. We must, or we will all suffer and perish, and quite soon too. We don't have another 50 years to mess around with, not at all.

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