Telepathy’s learning curve: maturity, or, how to tell if you have stink-mind


Okay, I know that advanced civilizations utilize telepathy, but, is there really a true understanding there just because of telepathy? At least on our current level of development... What I mean is, is our apprehension of an idea from a mind that wasn't acculturated to this planet accurate? I have a feeling we will be encountering this question within the next decade pretty deeply.

We will all probably have the same basic archetypal associations like mother, father, sibling, earth, ground etc., however will they have the same 'meaning' from one group to the next, will there be the same emotional context within a societal construct? I don't think we should expect it to be the same because our context is part of what is being warped and utilized as a piece of the mind manipulation cage we are stuck in. A good example is the word: Peace.

For example, one of the reasons we bliss out with higher contact is because we are unused to right conduct from a compassionate loving mind. We go all jelly inside. We turn into blithering idiots.... So to speak.

What we were taught expect from a higher intelligence via our institutions is disdain, correction and negativity. When that doesn't happen, as in the case of a normal/positive being we dissolve. Even the dark side can look more benevolent and loving to trick us, we are so used to the rut we are in. Has anybody ever thought that feeling love and compassion from another being should be the norm?

We are so entrenched in war and combativeness that the thought of another in our minds sharing our beingness is cause for great alarm. The very structure of our thoughts and what we expect out of life has been conditioned to protectiveness because we are a culture of war. We expect nothing less than a power move in every exchange between another human being on this planet . We don't even know that we're doing it, we don't notice it, it's simply accultured into our subconscious mind. When we can't think past the next protective interpersonal move in our strategy day today how do we ever expect to truly understand the communications of another culture that has not been raised this way? When words of peace and love come and are given to us and we can't understand them because we can't figure out what, for us, would be the back message in them, or whether they are a ploy to gain undeserved trust, or just out right foolery,  it is a sad day.

How can we ever hope to understand another race with all of our culturally driven ideas in the way of that understanding ? I'm not just saying ideological ideas or religious ideas but very basic core ideas . The type of ideas that are informing you of who you are, what you are, whether you're good and whether you're bad. I've heard it said that we as a race are very difficult to be around because of the negativity we have been taught to hold for our own selves - that, in a word, our minds 'stink'. We are not basically bad - we have just been taught to think of ourselves that way.

When I was a little kid - about 8, or 10, I used to try to figure out what it would be like to have real telepathy (because I had plans for that and I was going to be a healer) and even then, I realized how difficult it would be to understand somebody next door, let alone a person from off planet. It kept me fascinated for hours upon hours…

What I am saying here is that we think we know our own minds, but, we don't, not really, so, how are we ever going to expect to meet another intelligence on any kind of equal footing? We won't - they will always have to adapt to our closed mindedness, and deal with a planet full of stinky minded people with rotten self-esteem, unless we can learn to deal with them on a new footing, one of a more opened mind and more developed soul. It occurs to me that this new 'wave' that will raise up man kind is dependent entirely on our willingness to grow. Sometimes the road ahead seems so very long - and yet, in the blink of an eye might things change.

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