Templates of change, some musings for the day


"When you consider that human beings are the divider between matter and spirit – that we hold both , touch both through consciousness: it makes humanity a portal – doorway through which information is shared to either side of the equation. Therefore, just about anything can be looked on as a portal – for in a way, a portal is that ‘idea’ of a crossing point from one state into another."

Were you to stop time - freeze the motion of the universe, you would see the lattice structure (very similar to the structure of a crystal) of the physical medium - the zero point field. Everything that has matter exists as a part of, or in this field. The very fact that we are consciousness, intelligent awareness is what is attracting and cohering the matter that makes the physical bodies that we inhabit. This is the same for any manifested shape in the physical realm, which presupposes intelligent awareness of one kind or another of everything we can see and touch and some that we can't.

What we are seeing when we look at the world are interference patterns between matter and spirit that have aggregated mass - physicality. There is a science to this and it is called interferometry.

Interferometry is a family of techniques in which waves, usually electromagnetic waves, are superimposed causing the phenomenon of interference in order to extract information.[1] Interferometry is an important investigative technique in the fields of astronomy, fiber optics, engineering metrology, optical metrology, oceanography, seismology, spectroscopy (and its applications to chemistry), quantum mechanics, nuclear and particle physics, plasma physics, remote sensing, biomolecular interactions, surface profiling, microfluidics, mechanical stress/strain measurement, velocimetry, and optometry.[2]:1–2

These patterns equate to what could be called a template. This template can be measured for every manifested thing from rocks and dirt through all life forms up and to weather and energy.

The fact that we are aware - conscious is what is important. The recognition that 'we know' is what enables us to make change in either state, matter and or spirit. We ARE the interface - the template and we ARE aware of this. So:

Affect the lattice - affect us   and/or   Affect the us - affect the lattice

In other words, you can't change one without producing change in the other. Physics, the new alternative physics: torsion, resonance, frequency, scalar and all things plasma - the hidden physics, is what can actually describe this process, and once you can describe a process you can do two things: change it or engineer it.

When you change or alter the zero point field to engineer and produce desired effects, you change or alter the energy running through it and thereby change us. The two are inextricably connected and NOT separate. However it can go the other way around, but it takes massive amounts of people to have the same effect on matter and small amounts of the right kind of energy to have massive effects on the 'us'. (IMO only because we have been socially engineered to believe we are powerless!)

From the understanding of this type of physics springs the science of social engineering. Social engineering has the capability to change the physical medium. Consciousness is the fulcrum upon which this equation rests. To say that we can change the world is correct. It IS science - not magic not pseudoscience and silliness.

To say that science can and is used to do things like give a person a deadly cancer or kill at a distance without ever seeming to physically interact with the victim is correct because once you know the template of that disease you can beam it straight at your target. What is one man's magic is another's science. However there is a template that is a resonance of perfect health and that could also be used to correct illness and disease. Or, build a huge massive structure at the correct point on a planet and produce an effect in local space time and within the spirit of the people…

These templates at one time in a very ancient, ancient history were put together in a set of information chips, or crystals, or as they were called long ago, tablets. They gave absolute power to the holder and the eons of research that went into discovering these 'addresses' or signatures of the templates on them was unimaginable in its scope and bestowed galaxy busting power to whom ever held them. These templates were from the very small subatomic level all the way up to the addresses in local space of the planets and satellites in orbit around those planets. The templates were frequency catalogues.

Two interesting points that keep interfering with my thought process while I write this:

  • If you could stop time, you could probably observe the template as a crystalline structure, as crystal lattice - it would look the same…
  • I keep wanting to write the word temple instead of template….

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