Temples, Sacred Geometry and Resonance


It has been said that the flowing water underneath the world's sacred sites and temples creates the continuous vibration or force that emits the resonation of mother earth. Some temples were built to use, distort or change this and some were built to magnify this.

Giza used to and may still have running water flowing deep under it, which if you posit that the shape its self is also manifesting its opposite in place - a tetrahedron, that shape is being driven by the movement of the water underneath the physical shape.

Being that the great pyramid was built with all of these 'divine' measurements in its physical body, it then becomes, by harmonics, a resonator of the space time fabric in local space - it hums to the solar system.

When you consider that the people who built it also had a way to vibrate it (power it up) - via the water or other means like say, the ark of the covenant - a ZP module, then if they had a way to tune it to any frequency (the already measured resonance of any object in the solar system) they wanted, IE: aim it - they could use not only all the resonance power of the earth, but the entire solar system to which its physical being was tuned (through geometry) for enough power to bust planets and change the shape of the local space time of our solar system.

Only self-righteous idiots would do this sort of thing, but it seems we have more than our share of those.

Just a thought for the day, after adding Randal Carlson to Joseph P Farrel in the swirling round file in my brain, plus the last 3 or 4 posts on this blog.

Oh yeah - I wonder what the measurement of the sun's magnetic field and the earth's magnetic field together as a vesica is - where in space would that be??? As a matter of fact what would be the vesical crossings of all of the planets from their gravitic center, would there be vesicas? Just a thought...

ok... one more

the vesica is considered a doorway, IE: Portal. Let that sink in.

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