The 5% solution


It seems to me, part of this shift that we are currently undergoing will require a new way of looking at life, a new way to interpret ourselves and events. I have been trying in all that I offer to explore the nature of our innate idea systems. Many of these I realize have been grafted on to us, more than having come from within our deep nature.

I have presented others authors, their ideas, in an effort to illustrate how just a 5% change in the interpretation of ideas we think we know, changes everything. You can take these as you will. As true, false, different… whatever the inner truth inside of you rings to. But me, being concerned with the mechanics of our cage, and trying to take it apart bar, by bar, to make it simple, would be very remiss if I didn't present as many different viewpoints from as many ways as I could to illustrate just what 5% of looking different feels like, how to spot it, how to ultimately do it.

I have spent my whole life dancing around different schools of thought about thinking… lol, in an effort to find the doorway. Not that I have found it, but I realize it's not about WHAT we think, so much as how we think it. So it occurs to me that our basic assumptions about what life is and how it functions have been twisted a bit. I mean, we all feel that. We all know it somewhere in side. We do. Jimmy talks about it every night.

It's kind of like knowing how you arrive at a conclusion and yet how you did it colors that conclusion and changes the overall effect of the meaning of it. It's like those parental tapes I talked about. That base programming about how you feel about yourself in your own private little world: when you achieve a thing in life you achieve it - but it's how you feel about what you achieve, based on that very old information stuck in there somewhere that really wasn't real in the first place, that will determine whether you really enjoy that achievement.

Part of the veil we are in the process of dismantling are basic misapprehensions about the nature and quality of life. What some people have shown me in dialogue is that it's the core misapprehensions that color the facts and the perception of those facts that needs to change. Understanding that alone has helped me greatly. Allowed me to peek around that veil for a nanosecond, and almost be able to grasp it - the change I want to feel inside that will begin the change of the world to a better place.

So sometimes if what I post, makes you think, makes you slightly weird, it's supposed to. These writings are nothing more than a tool. A sharing of my journey in hopes that it helps.

God forbid - don't take my word for it - when you are confused, which is the forerunner to growth, ask yourself why. Hopefully there will be personal insight. Because that is the whole point - that damned quantum box is the veil. One way or another, I'm taking that sucker down!

Loves to you all,



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