The bottom of the rabbit whole is endless…


The bottom of the rabbit whole is endless...

Ronny McMullen said that last night on the air and it was like a bullet between my eyes! After listening to Dr. Greer answer Jimmy's last question, keeping in mind Richard Dolan's Brilliant information on the 'Truth Embargo', thinking about LMH's information about all the shenanigans and her tireless effort to inform the public of it, thinking of CG and DW and everybody's research all the way back to Menger, Adamski and Van Tassell - remembering that Greer said: We could have had this all solved back in the 1950's (and he was right); the rabbit hole IS endless.

problemseinsteinI spent the last couple of days being very quiet both on the Internet and Twitter . It's not that I haven't been there, it is that I have been trying to listen deeper - looking for some sort of relevance . Looking for a way out of the rabbit hole . I'm very tired of being lied to, running on a wild goose chase, down ever more convoluted, tunnels in the proverbial rabbit hole . When Ronnie said last night that there is no bottom to this rabbit hole, and I have known for some time that all of the different rabbit holes are all connected, it made me pause and ask where is my thinking wrong here . Yes we need to know about all of these things. Yes we need to find solutions for them. But wasn't it Einstein that said, "You cannot solve the current problems at the level of thinking they were created in?" So that implies that what you're looking at is not exactly wrong but the way that you were looking at it is not being productive. Sort of like the parable of the three blind men where we are only using one sense to look at a situation that takes all of our abilities and senses to solve.

My thought was, that maybe we don't have to come out of the fishbowl to see what's around us? So I asked myself, "What is this thing that we generally discount, have been taught not to notice and function with on a daily basis that we all implicitly have, which would extend our ability to know the situation around us?"

My answer to that is: EMPATHY.

Being taught that empathy is a characteristic of a weak mind was the first mistake - and the final slamming of the door on our ability to maintain trust and honesty with each other. It created the ability to get away with bad behaviors and lies and a general confusion about how to run in the 'world'. It cut us off from our whole selves and the awarenesses of the great 'US', with scalpel like precision. This is the spiritual truth that they keep from us - this rending of our being.

THIS is the veil destroying one pointed answer that will crash the entire matrix of lies.


Everybody has a piece of the puzzle - all our best researchers are right. All the divide and conquer bull shit is nothing more than more pieces of the puzzle. The deeper the rabbit hole, the longer we run around in it, the harder it will be to find the one hidden gem - the philosopher's stone that will illuminate the entire morass and gel it into a whole picture. The idea is,  that it is time to emerge from the rabbit hole.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THEY HAVE HIDDEN FROM US IS EMPATHY. The ability to SENSE the living energy in every last little piece of creation and know that it is intelligent, aware and is a part of YOU! Empathy is what informs the greater US of this.

I’m going to say something crazy.

I think we’re all empaths.

I believe that being an empath is actually our natural state of being.

Most of us have lost touch with our abilities to tune into the feelings of others. Why? Because most of us have lost touch with our ability to tune into the feelings of ourselves. Whether through our highly materialized, fast-paced, artificial societies; our long-held dogmas, traditions, beliefs and inner narratives; our physical and emotional diets; our lifestyle habits, or simply our belief that “everything we feel comes directly from us,” we have been severely desensitized in life.

We have become essentially “sensitivity maimed.”

We have become emotional illiterates.

We are truly, in the most extreme sense, out-of-touch with ourselves.

And so it’s no wonder that when we experience some kind of spiritual awakening – when we finally awaken from our “sleep” and experience a shift in consciousness – we become overwhelmed with not only our ability to understand and feel our own feelings, but our ability to do likewise with others and their feelings. For some this descends as a tidal wave, for others, a gentle but increasing storm. <>

According to knowledge that has survived the test of time and several wars, the Incan civilization was aware of this trait prevalent in empaths.

According to Incan view of the world, there was a concept known as living energy or KawsayPacha. Meaning, they viewed the nature as a living and responsive entity and a part of the larger cosmos, which is a vibrating field of pure energy.

Incans used to believe that the world they were born into was just as conscious and aware of its existence as we are. And that every living thing is capable of experiencing the energy emitted from another living thing, just as it was its own.

The people born with this ability were considered to be blessed because it allowed them to effortlessly cultivate a soulful connection with all forms of living energies that exist in nature.

They would learn to harmonize their existence with their surroundings and energetic reciprocity called Ayni, which according to their belief exists within all living creatures.

When the living energies of two entities, such as humans, animals and plants, interact with each other, the different energies collide and create confusion.

Empaths were the few who were able to differentiate between various forms of energy, whether it was a completely similar frequency or opposing energy. This understanding would allow them to harmonize the energetic encounter of living forces. From <>

Ho’oponoponoThe point is that were we aware that we are very connected, the matrix of lies used to keep us separate, that start wars and promote hatred and allow humans to perpetrate crimes against each other and nature would crumble into dust. We would become:


“I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.

Humanity, we are sorry. Please forgive us. We love you. Thank you.

Mother Earth, we are sorry. Please forgive us. We love you. Thank you.

To the animal kingdom, we are sorry. Please forgive us. We love you. Thank you.

To all of the plants and trees, we are sorry. Please forgive us. We love you. Thank you.

To all sentient beings we have not mentioned, we are sorry. Please forgive us. We love you. Thank you.

To the benevolent beings of all reaches of the universe, we are sorry. Please forgive us. We love you. Thank you.

And once we remembered...

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