The Consensus is Alive…


laniakea5brianMost of my blogs cover, to some extent, how powerful human beings are singly and in groups, and as a mass consciousness. I'm always ranting about that quantum box in one way or another. This is a consensus reality. We feed it with our belief structures and our subconscious minds and our conscious minds. All of which form the 'Consensus' whether we realize it or not. In today's world it's a thousand times truer, because we share everything with everybody through the media, the internet, television, You Tube, the entire vast array of ways to communicate. There is also a theory that says, when 51% or more of a population knows a thing, it simply appears as common knowledge to everybody else, even if you can't pin point when you first knew that you knew. It's called morphogenetic resonance, the 100th money effect, or a tipping point. This is why we can be so easily programmed by anybody who knows this and has the where-with-all to use it. Chew on that. Slenderman may not have been real in the beginning….

Think planet X…

World mass climate (haarp) chaos…

Think Zombie apocalypse…

Just think, well, Apocalypse.


What we are just beginning to know, realize, is that human beings are individually very interesting consciousnesses, with some pretty fantastical abilities. I have written about this too, explaining the transdimensional biological equipment we are all born with, our very own pineal glands in the center of our brains. These things work! The_RanchPORTAL4Meaning that should you concentrate on ED's or ET's you are opening a portal through which travel and communication can occur. It is very important to be aware of this and not indiscriminately just play around with it! The gov't, IMHO (in my humble opinion) has used this to its great advantage in many ways. (not going there now) We are mostly told, 'My, what an imagination you have.' or some other derogatory adjective is applied, to turn us away from noticing what we are.

Its only when you begin to look on the fringe, where you start to recognize the high strangeness of life that you begin to look for out-of-the-box explanations for these things because you realize that 'regular', will not take care of it. When it really starts to click like a key in a lock is when you begin to understand that life is about frequency, about energy, resonances, and this vast interconnected web of life where everything is touching. Then, like a fisherman waiting for a bite, or a spider in its web waiting for dinner, you begin to pay attention at a much deeper level. You discover that there is more to you than even you thought.


Bringing this all back around to the first paragraph (NOT circular reasoning…! Lol)


we are very powerful singularly (and we are)

and we know that we are more than just a body (and we are)

and that we are very intimately connected not just by outer devices but by a sea of energy that interpenetrates all manifested reality

and that this sea is alive with frequencies and resonances that twang along all these connections like a spider's web,


the collective mass consciousness is a consensus reality though all of its entirety!


It is an organism that works whether we all take responsibility for it or not, and effects each and every one of us and the conditions we live in on this earth right now. We need to get this idea into our heads and begin to utilize its power for us, to focus it for good, for the earth, to restore and build a better place here for us and our children and their children, and their children's children…



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