The Game


What if you got marooned here somehow because of one of the common cataclysms this planet is famous for. What would you do if you knew you had centuries to play with, centuries to wait and centuries before you could even approach the level of civilization you were used to? What if your life span was 1,000 years plus, kind-of, sort-of like the Highlander myth? As you morphed into different identities, more frequently as the years wore on and things like photography and records were kept, how would you provide for continuity of wealth and holdings? And as the years wore on and you had children who may or may not have your longevity, how would you pass down your legacy? Through training? Through puzzle? Through story? Through cypher? Or through all of these rolled into one? What if you wound up here with a ship full of people - say there was more than just you? You all had very long lives and needed to keep that secret for obvious reasons? Your intellectual level and use of certain technology would have made it difficult to hide early on so you would have had positions as advisors to kings and royalty, but later on made it more difficult as technology on the planet rose (probably due to some of your direct influence). Through the centuries you would have good reason to train others and save gold and other precious items (maybe like the arc of the covenant which is, IMO, a zero point energy device) to provide the means to create safe havens down through the centuries for your survival.

When you look at the research of people like Ralph Ellis, and Cort Lindahl and a few others who have begun to see the patterns by digging into history with a unique mind uncluttered by academia, the story the patterns create is extremely compelling. The wider you engage to look, the better the widespread researchers information fits together. I wonder if you took the legends of 'alleged' ET familial linages on this planet and merged them with known people through history if you wouldn't find a very clear pattern - obvious to anyone willing and courageous enough to look?

Putting the outright ET visits, the inner earth people, the pre-adamite refugees and all their irresponsible genetic rigmarole and the supposed 22-24 other genetic/psycho-spiritual experiments aside - we still have more pieces of the puzzle emerging. And I am willing to bet just the same as you find in real life, that there is an entire strata of people from everywhere and everywhen with agendas along the entire scale of possibilities all converged right here and right now.

I am also willing to bet that because of what we know circuitously (in a round-about manner) of the illuminati/cabal/mason situation that we might just have a light and dark faction of these groups - one who started out 'good', or positive and was infiltrated and the people who started it - the 'good' guys - left and popped up in another group or mystery school until that was found and infiltrated ad nauseum throughout history. Which would be one of the reasons the motivations behind these groups are always so confusing. Its always interesting to note that the true intelligence and positive purpose of these groups ebbs away once they are infiltrated. It is interesting to note that every positive idea that has developed any foot hold on the planet that has eventually decayed and fallen into ruin was infiltrated.

Which makes a case for the convoluted path of true hidden intelligentsia operating on the earth - the good stuff that needs be truly hidden or it to will be taken down… Which knows it has only a short window of time, of development before it needs must move on. A path with no resting place and barely any breathing space. Popping up every so often to create and enhance the awareness and intelligence of people and then going back under. To say nothing of the negative path that tries to hide and can't, for it only takes turning over a rock to see what hides underneath to catch them ( and they would love it if we would inadvertently mix the identities of the positives and them up… ) And then there is us - the poor bastards caught in the middle - of which both sides go fishing for occasionally - looking for the exceptional among us to either raise up or exaltedly tear down…

And then… then there are those of us who see the game and realize it for a distraction - a charming, exciting and fun one needless to say - but a distraction from what seems to be the real reason we are here - to live from the heart, to create from the heart, and to know from the heart.

While the rest of them chase their tails never knowing the real stuff…

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