The Glass Ceiling


There are two components to consciousness and we have listened to only one of them for far tooooo long. Mind and Heart. Masculine and Feminine. We have been patriarchal for so long now that we have forgotten the Great Heart of things. We have hit a glass ceiling in which we can see the through to what is next, but we can't touch it until we transform. Like the parable of the dragon fly, some of us can't even see through that glass ceiling - the division between us and wholeness. Us and more than mere knowledge, us and wisdom. The depth that comes from knowing a thing and wisdoming/embodying/becoming a thing. We have forgotten the Great Heart of creation. We have forgotten the motive power of the universe - e-motion. Therefore we have lost our wisdom. Wisdom is the union of the great Heart and the Mind. It is to know a thing in your bones. To have tasted of its true essence. To have added its frequency to your being. This is Wisdom.

Wisdom says that we need all the parts of creation embodied in us to know that creation. That means knowing all your pieces, your bright outer self and dark inner self. Dark only meaning not known.

When we keep a part of us in the dark, it will manifest it on the outside - to be known, for the deepest drive of humanity is to be known by the other. If you make a part of yourself the other by pushing it into the darkness it will show itself just as you made, as other. Part of the glory of this coming whatever it is, IMO will be the acceptance of our whole selves. I predict when we do that we will find our long lost humanity and compassion, for in our whole selves rests all of creation, and in all of creation is every other thing become yourself.

It has been hard to write about the bread and circus lately because it has gone so far past ludicrous into confabulation, that it is no longer real to me. It is like watching a sit-com, and I really hate those. Nothing in the outer world is real to me. Nothing. And it is all transparent - see through for what it is.

More and more I would rest in my heart and deep listen to the world and what she says. I would hum her tune, and dance her dance. And it is so lovely.

So whatever is ahead in the dance of the idiots - the Great Heart knows you and loves you, holds you and supports your dance of discovery. Never forget this. Never.

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