The Informational field, or the 10,000 names of…


I think it is interesting that Pete Peterson calls 'spiritual energy, the informational field. He is correct, but it has also been called the siddhis, the Akashic record, aether, ether, subquantum field, zero point field, space time continuum - the name for that field in which all matter is created and survives, the base framework that allows matter to coagulate and gain mass, light, slow light, electromagnetic field, god, source, prime creator, essence… this list goes on and on : the more than thousands of names of the something we all know in our inmost parts.

In one way Pete is right, because light encodes information and we are the fractalized pieces of the first photon. We are hologram, but we are more. We are each and every focus that the light fractalized into, all connected and yet separate. We span the entire frequency range but only look upon this vibration here, and now. Frequency IS information. Should we decide to look anywhere but in the tight focus of this now, we could become aware of other information that is already a part of us - because we are it and it is us.

I've been interested lately in how emotion serves as the catalyst for manifestation, I can think of several ways. One would be to add motion or 'spin'; E(energy)+Motion = spin/attraction = distillation of information. So how would this apply to my previous article in enabling a method of imagining a place so you could go there or well enough to open a portal to see through to it? Writers and musicians do it all the time when they create, so do artists. Their hearts and attention/intention go into the creation of what they make. The clearer, purer the intention present when creation takes place the better the product. The intention starts an attraction and emotion (mostly desire) gives it a push and spin happens around the idea attracting more distillation of matter which creates emotional excitement at the surfacing of the vision which adds more energy which creates more spin and… There it is. This creates something I heard on Jimmy Church Tuesday night called a singularity of intent sort of like a rotating torus that is the birth canal into this reality from the otherwhere. What a glorious ingenious, term!

Ideas and creations that have had a lot of heart put into them, are the most rare and beautiful things to behold.

In an old school way, this singularity can then travel out into the multiverse and bring things back to you - even on a purely physical level. I have had this happen to me several times, but it caused people I know to fulfill those wishes, and those wishes were just a passing thought and because at that time in my life they would have been so impossible to fulfill - I really did just let them go. I will never forget my shock. Ever.

This 'information field' is wholly aware of us and totally tuned into the independent units vibrating in its energy field sending out waves. It is very responsive. Should we become that conscious consensus I'm always hammering on about, just imagine what we could do. I have spent a life time peering at situations and things from a bigger picture because my early life was messed up and the only way I could make sense of it was to pull back and see all the pieces of it. It became a pattern of observation for me. It has taught me much, but the most important is, there is always another way to see things, even if it’s a 6 percent difference, but when you really pull back, be prepared to see how the universe is put together.

Try it, you might like it. Its in that same place in your head that you use to quantum travel the multiverse. Just go look. (your imagination.... yes that's right, your imagination.)

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