The Interim: party hardy or act our age??


So, what happens after we find out what has been going on, and we route all the control systems and we as a planet say enough is enough? What then? I have listened to two interviews by Kerry Cassidy in the last two days that corroborate Corey Good and David Wilcock's testimonies, William Thompkins and a few others.



Simon Parkes says in part two something which I think is brilliant, when Kerry asked him if there was anything he really wanted to say, and that was: The thing he worried about the most is what the planet will do in interim between ousting the old regime and coming into our sovereignty. He asks if we will just roll over and accept the next new savior to come along, or will we do what we need to do to finally come into our own on this planet, talk as equals with the people from off the planet and stay our own ground and not sell out for some fancy new toy or benefit?

Here's a metaphor for you: Are we going to turn into the crazy freshman year college kids and party till we drop once we are free (proving we need governance), or are we going to knuckle down and get something done to further ourselves and our place in the solar system and galaxy??

I loved it. He is very right. What's it gonna be?

As to the rest of the content in these two videos, it is very confirming of things we all know, but for the first time it is all spoken of very openly, calling a spade a spade, so to speak (and that was juicy fun) And, oh yeah - the Nordics are the new flavor of the month…. I guess. So my bet is they are part of what is going on down in Antarctica. Simon has a very interesting perspective on this, by the way. And from what both of them say, it's all coming down this year before August - but you know how that is - out part of the plan and it doesn't happen on both good and negative items.

So we shall have to just wait and see.

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  1. Very informative videos, and thank you for posting them.

    I’ve given this a lot of thought these past four years. I think we will need to dedicate ourselves to helping ones that maybe literally come apart at the seams when revelations are made. I wish we had at least that much infrastructure in place already. I hear people, and read comments from people who right now need help processing the unbelievable events that are going on. I see the need for groups to be formed where people can come together and talk through the problems they are having with the possibility of everything changing. This is all fly by the seat of my pants thinking, but I feel it is true.

    Yes we will want to celebrate like they did on VE Day. (Check the photos.) I know I will. But we can’t stop there. Work to be done, thinking to do, building for the new, re-organization oh yeah, and getting to know those who have remained hidden from most of us. Checking their databases for cookbooks–LOL!

    I do tend to see a utopia, and that is a problem for me to work out. I hope rather than know that’s what it will be. I wish for new kinds of problems for humanity. None of the black magick kinds of horror shows we’ve been subjected to for eons. An end to poverty and dismal living conditions, rampant abuses, good food for all, an abundance of good things for everybody just because we’re all the same with the exact same needs. An end to government prescribed heartbreak around the world. And so on goes my hippy dippy monkey mind. But yeah.

    Thank you Alison!

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