The Joy Factor


In honor of Kosta and Hollis being on the show last night, I wanted to show just how amazing having contact can be. This first snippet was my first experience, my first time trying to put into context what it all meant to me, and the first time ever that I wrote anything like a blog....

Bean Blossom, Bill Monroe Camp Grounds, Indiana

Sunday, April 27, 2014  1:14 PM

As best I can, I will try to make sense of this, so it is possible to understand how I know this was contact. When I was little, I was not very happy to be here. I remember one particular evening when  I was around 5. I was put to bed after being a particularly typical 5 year old…. I  sometimes talked to 'God' in my head when I was really upset. That night I was asking why I was here and why people were so mean. The idea came to me of a place, not here, that was beautiful, where people all knew what was in each other’s hearts, and all were kind and did not hurt each other, in any way. I ‘felt’ this beauty deeply in my heart. I wanted to go there and yet knew I was here for a reason and could not go there yet. I fell asleep wrapped in this love. I never forgot it. In fact it was a model for much of my entire life. Well, Now I am 59. Going to be 60 on the winter solstice. This October is my first attempt with this group to make contact. My husband and I went to the Johnny Hartford Memorial Fall Pick’in Festival in Bean Blossom Indiana on Friday. It was a week end affair and we camped out. He is an excellent musician in his second job…

I had set my phone alarm for 2:45am Saturday morning before I left to make sure I wouldn’t miss this opportunity. Friday night we went to bed around midnight. At exactly 2:45 my alarm goes off . Being deeply asleep it didn’t occur to me that this was only Friday night/sat morning. I turned it off and struggled to maintain consciousness. I drifted a little and then with the desire to be present and get up, opened my eyes.  I realized I was looking through the cabin ceiling at the stars. So I blinked, several times to make sure I was actually seeing this. I was! Then that feeling of deep beauty was present with me. I recognized it and asked if this was the same people/person who had been with me when I was young and received an affirmative. I was flooded with joy. My mind was saying "You came back” , “it is amazing!” “so happy to see you again”.  The next thing I was aware of was a presence to my right standing in front of the window. It was blocking the light coming from the outside.  Try as I might, I could make out no features, just an area blocking the light. That was scary (later on I realized that all those times that I had felt this for all of my life, it had always been scary, but I suppose that is because the vibration is so very different from a terrestrial vibe that it feels different enough to set off instinctual alarm bells), but it just stayed there and I felt it for a while. Trust me, it had my whole attention. Then it was gone and I fell back asleep.

It was the next evening when I realized this had all taken place on FRIDAY, not Saturday…. then I looked at the alarm I had set on my phone and it was set for Saturday. Not Friday Night. (Time is not one of my gifts, I realize now I should have set it for Sunday morning…) The only thing I can surmise from this is that time really has no meaning, other than what you think it has. I wish someone else was with me in this experience so that I can say I really wasn’t dreaming and that it wasn’t all in my head, but maybe it was anyway. It was still contact!

‘Nuf said. This was unusually strange and wonderful experience. Since then I’ve seen a lot in the night sky and known. I can’t wait for November!


Last night Kosta said that the Love and Joy component is very important to the type of contact you experience, I agree.

The Fire Pit

Tuesday, July 29, 2014 11:10 AM

Friday night my husband and I had built a fire in the fire pit, with intention of sitting out and listening to the concert going on over at the venue. Lady Antebellum was playing that night. Just before the finale at around 11pm he decided to go to bed. The night was so nice, the fire had burned down to embers and the dogs were just lying around enjoying it, so I decided to stay out and listen. The sky had been fairly busy that night with commercial flights coming in overhead regularly, and there were a number of very high trans-continental flights too, so I had been just gazing up all night. I was in one of those very contented joyful states when a feeling came over me the same as it had when we were at the Monroe music fest. I felt and saw out of the corner of my right visual field a presence hanging in the air (it almost feels like pressure, like you can tell something is there, you just can't see it) over the house and once again a reciprocal enjoyment of my perceptions and mood. Wow! It was fleeting and as I said hello, it moved on. This came out of the northwest, a little to the side of the Big Dipper.

I am grateful that happened, because Saturday and Sunday were cloudy and stormy and I couldn't go out. I am grateful for the quick touch and communication too. Joy is always better shared.

Then I started listening to Fade to Black. I had never shared what I thought about ET's living amongst us, but the awareness that they were was growing inside me. One night somebody, either a caller or a guest was describing his experience at Vegas with overhearing two ET's telepathically. So, I HAD to call in. Around that time my husband experienced a catastrophic medical emergency that almost took him out. I wound up reporting two experiences to the CE5 group because a mid all the intense worry while he was in the hospital there was this.


Then: Just about 2 years ago - right after my husband almost died;

We are doing just fine. The hubby is home 2 1/2wks now from the hospital, and he is ornery, pushing to do too much and cantankerous; as in just

I almost lost him. I am simply over the top glad he is ok, and going to be fine. Better than fine actually. Although the crisis was horrible, in actuality it showed us some things that were going on in his body that went unnoticed. So eventually he is going to be even better. It was a gallbladder liver thing.

In the three days that I didn't leave the hospital I had 2 very interesting experiences. One was early in the morning. I had gone to use the facilities in ICU lounge, which were nice large rooms. I washed my face and hands, and had walked the more than five feet to the waste can to drop in my paper towel. The dispensers were those kind where you wave you hand in front of them and they roll out a towel to you so you never touch the device... Very hygienic. While I was standing five feet away at the can, the dispenser rolled out another towel. I thought how weird. I was just sleep deprived enough to think, "ok, if anybody is there, do it again." 🙂  So another length of towel was dispensed. (This happened two mornings in a row.) I was like, I thought so...  Then later that day. I was standing in front of a cold cabinet in the cafeteria, trying to figure out something to eat because I knew that I had to, but I couldn't make my mind or my body move, and the tears were in my eyes and I was on the verge of just walking out (just a bit shocky from all that had happened) and a very nice voice said behind me, "Try the sushi, it's really good here." It belonged to a really good looking man in a suit. He was blond, average height and had very deep blue eyes. I just 'knew' that he was different. I looked in his eyes on purpose to really 'see' and he smiled and walked  away. I got sushi... lol  Later my thoughts were if I was studying the human species on any level, an interesting place to do that would be in the hospital. So you know where my thoughts were. I spent a great deal of time looking in depth at people the rest of the time I was there.

We are doing very well. The world is at this moment to me a lovely place. The sun is shining, spring has definitely sprung, the energy is moving up from the deep recesses of its winter sleep and into the plants and ground, and I can feel its vibration. I am joyful. I am grateful. With all the research I've been doing, there are many rabbit holes that go down such negative pathways, even more, the more you look. It seems the question I have been asked lately is "What is 'sacred', where is your 'sacred'.... investigate this." I have some beginning thoughts.  But I think the most sacred is that 'between-ness' that occurs when people are together, to me at least.


Then at the next Johnny Hartford Festival we camped, he was still recovering or he would have been running sound for them, but I would not let him (I would have Gibbs smacked him, but he wasn't well enough yet...lols)

The Johnny Hartford Festival

I always seem to get the telepathic contacts. I'm not fighting it any more. Sigh. Bean Blossom was packed with people. Those that came in for the day and many more camping. There were very few city lights around and the view of the sky was magnificent. We had a camping spot that allowed us to sit and listen with perfect clarity to the main stage and being a couple of old farts, we were quite happy to do just that. I was marveling on how wonderful it all was, how pretty the sky was, how good all the people felt, and good the music was and just being so content when I was asked, " Is this good?" Of course, it was in my head, and I replied "Oh yes!" and went on to say why. It was a very light touch, stayed with me for maybe five minutes during which time I tried to 'share' my experience by just being open enough for the contact to 'be' with me, and then it faded.

Peace to you all

p.s. I was listening to Linda Moulton Howe interview her infamous Mr. Anonymous as he was describing getting a chance to interview an ET at area 51, and he wouldn't even go in the room. All I could think was, what a waste! I would have gone in, sat down put both my hands on the table palms up and invited touch and communication. I would have had a million questions..... so sad that some of us are so very frightened. So sad.


The whole point is the JOY FACTOR. The Link. The MIND SPACE. The presences that have visited me have always been gentle, benevolent and genuinely interested in what I was feeling and peaceful. Sometimes I have requested communication, other times they have just visited. I always feel truly blessed. ALWAYS.


Two weeks ago after the Wednesday show, I walked outside while the dogs had their last pee of the night and looked up. The night was totally clear and it was just so very pretty out there. It was one am in the morning for me, so the flights into Indianapolis airport were over for the night. I noticed two lights heading straight for each other right above me. Mind you, living where I do, one of my criterion for any nuts and bolts sighting has to be erratic movement. As these two lights came towards each other I noticed one was a ring shape with red spots interspersed along the ring. Just at what would have been the moment of impact both lights veered away from each other like two pool balls striking each other accelerating and moving off in almost 180 or less angle from their original flight paths. Of course the phone was inside, and this was over very quickly! I felt a gentle laughter in my head, as if to say, 'There you go! Now you have 'seen' it for real.' To which I thought 'Thank you very much - but don't get caught!!!!'

There is a whole world of mystery out there that NEEDS exploring by US. WE can do it!

Forget the white house lawn and put some sheep on it......


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