The Ma(e)ndel(l)a Effect: where are my shoes?


If, as Laurie McDonald says, that whomever is playing with our reality is doing it to make us more doubtful about what we remember and thereby opening up our subconscious mind to be more suggestable, is true, then it's been going on far, far, longer that just the last five years.

I encountered this idea back in the 1980's. And really, if I track the perception that the-'world'-feels-different, I can track it back far longer than that, because I can remember that feeling from back in the 1960's.

When it really became obvious to me was in 1980. I had my first child then. I would intentionally drag myself out of bed early to have an hour for coffee and just be all alone for my sanity's sake. I also journaled every morning back then. I began noticing about every 8-9 months apart a weirdness - that felt like I moved somewhere, very similar, but different - and I noticed it because the people around me were different. (not things). They would behave very subtly out of character. I am an empath. I notice these things. I can feel where you are emotionally and I developed this along with the 'fine art of ducking' because of my childhood. It’s a form of radar that is always on in my awareness, always. So when I say it was different - people were different, not things. (cue Twilight Zone sound bit..) There is resonant awareness that you wake up into that feels a certain way each morning. It usually feels the same way - familiar, except when you wake up and it doesn't… then you notice something is off…

As the 90's came along it began to happen more frequently such that I began to notice the 'difference' in the general resonance that comprised the way the world felt.  Some days it was really beautiful, others, not so much, but then I began noticing things in the world - information - hard stuff - began to change also. By the time 2,000 rolled around, it was happening a lot. I hadn't heard anybody else talking about it, and I just hoped that where I wound up when I awakened each morning would be safe and ok. It seemed to be. All the same people I knew and loved always showed up - so, I just decided to take it as it came for the lessons it provided my soul.

About this time I noticed other people talking about the more organic form of this, but along with that, came the inorganic, hard changes like the current Mandel(l)a effect description. And really, I just didn't have the time to care, I had two teenagers to run after…

Now, I have always had things go missing in my life, and then pop back up in the same spot I thought I had left them, even other people noticed they were missing. I thought that the people in my life were doing it on purpose to mess with me. (ha-ha lets drive mom nuts today…) I found out that if I went around the house using sound to call to the item that went missing, that it would show up much quicker than if I didn't call its name while looking. I even taught my kids this technique and it worked every time. (Yeah, if you lived in my house it was pretty strange…) This worked like a charm for at least 15 years.

But now, in the last two-three years, things have started to disappear and not come back, or have turned up months later. I KNOW I didn't lose them, or move them, or change them… Recently its happened with two really nice pairs of shoes. Comfy flats that I wore all summer and was quite fond of. A couple of days ago it was warm enough to wear them so I went to put a pair on, and they were both gone. Trust me when I say I looked everywhere: even the dumb places, after I'd looked in all the logical places, after I'd called to the shoes… They are still missing. I am pissed.

The dogs didn't eat them, my husband swears he didn't throw them out and is irritated that I'd ask if he did, they are not under furniture, in closets, under beds, in drawers or cars, they sure as hell are not where I keep all my shoes, they are just gone.

I think missing items in my reality like shoes (damnit) is because of the organic/inorganic messing around with time lines. It's not very nice to screw with old folk. We have a hard-enough time with reality as it is. But Laurie is right, she says that 'When you are feeling weird or unsure about something THAT is when it is changing!' So if this is an effort to create self-doubt in all of us, that’s all fine and dandy; just leave my freaking favorite shoes OUT OF IT!!

And what does it mean when your personal life is involved in all this? Does that make it the organic or inorganic kind? Or, has the time line changing gone so deep now that things are beginning to just melt away before our eyes like they never existed in the first place? Here is a thought, those shoes left my direct reality of everyday use when the weather changed and I switched to boots; I FORGOT ABOUT THEM - is that how they slipped away? Will we all wake up one morning in a hyperspace that changes before our eyes with every thought? I wonder if we could use this some way to say like, melt wrinkles off our faces and knee caps, or to melt pounds off our collective asses, or maybe reverse age ourselves? Just how malleable is reality going to get here? I want to know so I can pre-dream my own.

I mean, Really….

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  1. Oh yeah, loved this Alison. I haven’t told this to anyone but my husband till now. This is the short version. About a month ago he lost a credit card which turned up the next day in one of his shoes in his locker at work. He turned that locker inside out looking for it. Of course he looked in those shoes. Ok. I carry three crystals in my left pocket at all times during the day. I was getting dressed one day a month ago, and couldn’t find my amethyst. I looked for it everywhere off and on through the day. I felt like a friend was missing. As we were discussing it, I said wouldn’t it be weird if it turned up in a shoe? We both looked at each other, then went looking at our shoes. It was in one of my brown mocs inside my closet where I seldom go. I have some shoes I only wear once in a while, and those are a pair of those. What is it with the shoes??

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