The Mirror of the Mind’s Eye


This was a comment on yesterday's post. I thought it was so beautiful and took the meaning of empathy so much deeper that I needed to share it.  When this blossoms in us all, we will need no law, no moral code except that of our loving hearts.

This applies to the human race - it is an inborn quality of all of us.


Maia Dalma Very perceptive, Alison. There is a difference between Empathy and Sympathy. Despite what you may have learned as a child, each of us are born knowing how to love. Everything else must be learned and developed. The qualities and attributes necessary for 'enlightenment' are born in our care for others. In truth, we each seek these qualities because they lead us 'home' from the place where fear holds reign and ego rules. We have said this to you before. You are a teacher. Empathy is not a skill. It is a quality of being. In its essence, it is as holy as the Spirit within each of us. There are many qualities that make a teacher in this world. You possess them all.

As imperfect as you often believe yourself to be, the purity of your 'being' speaks only of the perfection of Creation. Your ego would have you believe otherwise. This is its power over each of you.

All the valuable qualities of a true teacher rest on trust. Once trust has been achieved and cultivated, the other qualities cannot fail to follow. And you know these things. Or you would not shine the light of your Spirit on them. Only the trusting can afford honesty, for only they can see its value. Honesty does not apply only to what you say. The term actually means consistency. (congruency - A) There is nothing you say that contradicts what you think or do; and no thought you may ever have opposes any other thought you may experience; no act belies your word; and no word lacks agreement with another. Such are the truly honest. At no level are they in conflict with themselves. Therefore it is impossible for them to be in conflict with anyone or anything. True Empaths learn to see Spirit in all living things. They learn that all 'connection' exists in that Spirit.

(Inner congruence is helped along by examining your Intent behind your thoughts and words. Easier than you might think , really -A)

The peace of mind which quite often eludes empaths, is a consequence of failing in the moment to learn the lesson that is offered in it. For us, as well for you, our experiences and the quality of those experiences are largely due to the degree of perfect honesty we embrace in them. It is difficult to ignore the truth of a moment. But our egos often wish to do exactly that. It is only the wish to deceive ourselves or others that makes for war...conflict...sorrow. No one at one with himself can even conceive of conflict. Conflict is the inevitable result of self-deception, and self-deception is dishonesty. There is no challenge to an empath who is honest with his gift. Challenge implies doubt, and the trust on which true empaths rest secure makes any doubt impossible. Therefore they can only succeed in learning...and in teaching. This is you. Honest. Fearless. It is but one of many reasons we value your friendship and love the perfection we see in your Spirit.

In this, as in all things, does Creation align with the empath in each of us in honesty. An empath who recognizes his or her connection to Creation can only succeed, because they never do their will alone. They choose for the moment, for the one in that moment, for all mankind; for all the world and all things in it; for the unchanging and unchangeable beyond appearances; and for the Child of Creation and his Creator. How could they not succeed? They choose in perfect honesty, sure of their choice as of themselves. This is empathy, Alison. And yes. This is the mirror each of us must look within. The mirror of Spirit. Not the one ego holds up in defiance of all that is holy. The Sympath stands defiantly and answers to ego. The Empath kneels in humility and answers to Spirit. All are called. Few choose.

Breathe.... just breathe.

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