The Oldest Game…


Now that I am hooked into the story line -

  • Ancient aliens
  • Modern aliens
  • Subtextual invasion of earth
  • Space wars
  • Star trek tech
  • Earth wars & false flags
  • Ascension
  • Trying to become a 'better' human

I wonder if that was not exactly the point in the first place?

This world has always been on a: "not good enough" "follow this" "practice that" "listen to this way" "worship that god" path because if you didn't god would abandon you. Which filtered down into society in general as "follow rules" "don't rock the boat" "buy the paper(education and licensure)" because if you didn't, society would abandon you. Worse yet it would limit your freedom by shoving you in jail, ostracizing you or giving you asylum for the insane….

So now, we all have a new myth to follow, to deal with, a new master to follow (all while we think we are being so smart…) a new set of rules and a new paradigm to try to figure out how to bang around in….

HOWEVER, WE ARE STILL PLAYING THE SAME DAMNED GAME (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain)

Good/bad/ punishment/reward   right/wrong…. With new definitions.

carrot3For example; if we don't make it to ascension, evolve to a certain standard, level, we will NOT make it. And in so doing will create our own hell, do another 26,000 years somewhere - maybe not such harsh conditions (who knows?) but all the same. It's like repeating a grade in school. Getting my drift?

There is always somebody, somewhere who knows better and always some sort of reward/punishment attached to your participation or non-participation. We are trapped here on this planet in the 3D box in an entangled mind, and it's always all our fault.

Sigh. When the majority of us just want to find a peaceful place to raise and love our families, a little happiness and to breathe. Did anyone ever just listen to the inner silence? The part that says regardless of all the bullshit out there telling you you're all wrong in every way possible and discover the revelation that it might just be another game? Another ruse to keep us chasing our proverbial tails? They keep us chasing that carrot so efficiently that we can't see what is sharing the space with us - interpenetrating this reality with us. If we were to stop for a few moments we would 'get-it'.

carrot2I am at the point of being old enough, ornery enough and just cranky enough to see it that way. Ok I admit, there are plenty of problems and plenty of assholes creating and sustaining those problems - so yes it’s a mess. But will sitting on my ass staring at my navel fix them? Fraid not. Will wearing the right clothes and shoes and eating the right foods fix them? Fraid not. (I had a teacher once who said you could eat dog food and get enlightened - and she was right). Does it take a big brain capable of understanding the quantum picture? Fraid not. Does it take a big expensive piece of paper from academia? Fraid not. Does it take a perfect, happy, balanced life (with two cats in the yard…) Fraid NOT. Money: NO Notoriety: NO Success: NO

All it really takes is being the real you. Or as Ingo Swan would put it, training the prefrontal motor cortex - because it's like riding a bike, it becomes easier the more you do it and you never forget it. Once you do that, you realize it's all been right in front of your nose interpenetrating you and we ALL can and do have that lovely doorway to elsewhen and elsewhere inside of and all around us.

IMO, screw the whole, entire, rest of it. That has been the carrot forever.

You know what? I hate carrots!

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