The paradox: The proof is in the pudding.


So last night on the Jimmy Church radio show, Fade to Black, I called in to ask about the archons. I don't know what possessed me to say at the end that I would like to get my hands on one. I didn't mean for violence. I wanted to ask questions, like why…etc. Then, I couldn't fall asleep because I kept thinking, 'Now you've done it because you just opened the door for contact you don't want!'

I awoke this morning with the imprint of a dream I don't remember having until I thought about the question I had raised on the phone last night. Luckily, I had an old friend visit while I slept - one whom I used to have conversations with back in my thirties. The voice I recognized. It started out by saying,

"There are countless realities that exist. You are free to choose whatever one you like. You are only 'stuck' in your current one because you are learning this fact. It has prodded you to look outside of it and ask why, and to search for a better one. But you would have not done this had you not been pushed by the current one to ask that very question."

I am not trapped (in this current unpopular reality), I am fooled, bamboozled, hoodwinked… It is not that any power or personality or entity (s) have any power 'over' me - they don't. I have been led to think that they do… So much for my sovereignty! Funny! As we were talking about what the schools do to our children, we failed to realized that it has been done to us too. We blindly accept the status quo because it has been the status quo. A couple of articles back I talked about 'parental tapes' and how they structure our self-beliefs: our what-we-think-we-know-about-ourselves. And who taught our parents? And how long, how far back has it been going on? We, are under the same indoctrination our parents and their parents forever and a day have all been under. So that is why it is so confusing when you begin to try to sort out 'reality'. Sometimes a five percent shift in realizing things, thinking differently a bit can shift whole realities.

Your mind is your own to do with as you choose. You may give it over to love or fear, but you cannot give it over to both in the same instant. Your own state of mind is a good example of how ‘loosh’ is made.

-fear is an illusion, but all of human culture teaches it. When you think of ‘loosh” do not forget that the mind need not work that way, even though it does seem to work everywhere that way now.

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This voice made it very apparent that the choice is simple. Simply choose. And it is not just this or that, one or the other, either or; there are countless infinities of possibilities to choose from. And you can keep re-choosing every day, every moment. It's not all said and done once you choose. The one thing I was sure of from that voice was that, choosing is not only allowable, it is expected as a part of our growth, that it is an absolute must as we progress - this choosing. Which all ties back to what we have been taught to think we know about ourselves and our ability to get out of that trap…to realize that it is not a trap at all, we just need to change that thought and get on with it.

And also, it occurs to me that one day we try one thing out, and if we don't like it, we choose a different way - just like that. Yes, just like that. We are beginning to see that even in the middle of strife, if we as singular humans, just choose love, that it opens the flood gates of understanding and unity, in the smallest of things. (choose random acts of kindness…)

The Law of One is always talking about learning as a process, of needing a 'something' to push us to learn. IMO otherwise we would sit around blissed out and never GAF… so to speak. Now, if we apply this to the option of choosing, once we have learned enough about a thing or a situation, we then have enough information to make that choosing. If we apply this on a larger scale, the universe needs must give itself a reason to learn - the impetus is there, but then it must create learning tools. That is us - all life - throughout its system. If we were in a constant state of bliss, we wouldn't give a good GD to learn at all and that would be the universe self-sabotaging its self…. (twisted, but follow me here) so, in a way, we have the archons at this point to thank for our current clear awareness of how we are arriving at this lesson of love we are all learning. Because sad to say, we can't learn an absolute yet, without it's opposite, the same as we are incapable at this point of defining peace without war…

But this planet… this planet will come out of this with a clear and beautiful understanding of both peace and love without having to use opposites to make either concept clear. This I know.

So how do we know we are being successful in our choosings? The proof will have to be in the pudding, so to speak, won't it?

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