The Perfect Containment Mechanism Part Deux: Disclosure and Consciousness Expansion are One and the Same


It seems that Disclosure and the consciousness wave (waveX) are one and the same. In other words, you can't have one without the other. When disclosure comes so does the expansion of your being; or the expansion of your being allows you to see that disclosure has been happening all while we slept.

I humbly submit for your thoughts one more piece by the author of, 3D perception: The Perfect Containment Mechanism. These thoughts go deep and the piece would not be complete were I not to include them. Bob O. Dean says the same thing in this interview in a little less poetic, but perfectly Bob Dean manner.

When you think about it, how could disclosure and a step up in frequency-consciousness opening-mini enlightenment be separate? Disclosure will also be all the proof and evidence of many other things that a lot of us will not want to know, but once known can't be unknown - our opened eyes will need to be very open. Our hearts and minds (consciousness) will have to be raised, or like David Wilcock said, we will be another 100 years in the midst of this mess and we don't have that kind of time! We are in for a big ride here, IMO.

Does this not answer the remaining questions you ask in your heart, Alison? We think it might. There are those of you who no longer value the material things of the world. Yet many may still be deceived by the so-called 'powers' of the lie. In many ways, the chains humanity willingly wears are gilded by the manipulated egos we all possess. The lie the world presents to those egos as truth will soon become more difficult for your soul to embrace. By fear alone is your world ruled. What occupies all your minds is nothing but an endless string of fear-filled thoughts followed by yet even more fear-filled thought, punctuated occasionally and briefly by moments of love when each of you think to remember who you really are. But human ego and fear has learned to bind the human species from its truth. You search for meaning in being alive, and each of you feels this at the core of your being. Yet meaning is not found in fear. It is found in love. Some deny this at their peril. And it is through and by this fear that each of you are controlled.

Your savage endless bloody wars are your world's created proof of this. Your many deception-filled medias are the insane screaming voice of the countless obscenities that constantly offend your souls. That shrill voice of madness drowns out the whispered voice of Spirit, and so you turn from it to the louder call of lack, and need, and fear. Your poisoned world is your sad proof of your collective belief in these illusions. Yet humanity's perpetual hunger for them, offered enthusiastically by those who would enslave you in these fears is merely a shining testament to your loyalty to them.

This is our hope, Alison. As humanity's investment is withdrawn from the world's material gifts, we rest assured that the darkness perpetrated on humanity will be seriously and mortally threatened by humanity's collective withdrawal of support for it. Be warned however. 'It' may still be strong enough in the ensuing confusion of that withdrawal to rally enough substance to win back lost strength by guile. And because of this, much of humanity may not see through the calculated defenses that will be brought to bear in Disclosure. We can only guarantee you that 'they' will not be particularly subtle. And so too will a large number of humanity, given a remaining lingering wish to be deceived, make that deception easy.

In the moment actual Disclosure unfolds, "power" as humanity presently knows it, will shift, and the fear that rules this world will no longer be a genuine 'reality.' It will become a broken, useless fabricated tool once used by 'them' to deceive humanity and deny humanity it's truth. We will assure you also that it will not then, and cannot now, be used dependably by 'them' Ever again. That much is already done. Remember this when you are afraid. Their goal is to keep you enslaved by fear. Do you think that 'they' do not know about any of these 'psychic' aspects of human existence? Trust us. They do. 'They' would keep those same gifts from you, and twist them to their furthered ends. And by so doing, continue to perpetuate the enslavement of the human race until it's end. By doing thus, so has your continued bondage as a species to a select 'chosen' few been largely guaranteed. Until now.

We will also say this. Any gift or ability that anyone develops in his heart has the potentiality for good. To this there is no exception. And the more unusual and more unexpected the gift, the greater its potential usefulness. In Disclosure lies the only true hope for this world and its many species, and it will have need of all abilities, for what the rulers of this world would destroy in their insane plummet to oblivion, Creation in Love would restore. Many will predictably argue that psychic abilities have been used over the history of man to call upon the 'devil', which in truth merely means they were used to strengthen the chains of human bondage and fulfill the perverse desires of your earthly overlords. So herein lies the only potential for hope for humanity and for a healing for your world. You each have heard this said many times, in many different ways, and it is true. You are not physical beings having a spiritual experience. This is illusion. You are in fact spiritual beings having a physical experience. This is the truth. In this one thing endures the beautiful reality of each of our true identities. Each of us is a Child of Creation. And in this truth know that Creation has not left its Children comfortless.


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