The Race


It seems to me that, the further I get into everybody's version of 'what really happened' I am struck by one huge similarity, in fact, it seems to be the only similarity. Whom ever gets to the best toys first, wins. Further, they take the toys and run away. This planet seems to have two modes of operation: get the goods and jump ship, or get the goods and lord it over all of the rest of us. This is a very classic psychological symptomology of an extreme lack of trust.

I categorically agree that were these advanced technologies given to one and all we would explode ourselves, just the same if everybody had their own atom bomb. On a smaller level the same thing happens with guns, nobody communicates or works it out, they just point, aim, and shoot. Because if you talk, you run the risk of being lied to, another endemic problem on this world infested by the disease of psychopathy.

If you are naturally empathic, you would not be able to manifest psychopathy because what you did to another you would also be doing to yourself. That is because the nervous system of an empath is so finely sensitive that there is no way to avoid sharing the result of your actions. I have known people who being born with this faculty completely on, have not been able to process life on this planet and have lost themselves and died an inner death. I have known people who through much work and spirit and courage who having this ability have learned to use it, while themselves becoming stronger.

The other end of empathy is psychopathy, total inability to recognize the other as self or value anything other than the self. If we look at this from an ability respond to frequency and vibration; you could say that while an extreme empath has very little if no ability to form boundaries, the psychopath is the exact opposite, the boundary around the being is so extreme, there is no awareness of the other. While the empath dissolves into the frequencies around them (all is one) the psychopath is missing the ability to respond to any frequency, locked in a hard ball of separateness, frequency-deadness (there is only one).

I am not going to get into this age-old war between the empaths and the psychopaths except to say, the ones learning balance and wisdom by walking the awareness/wisdom path seem to be always caught in the middle. We are the left behind, lied to, manipulated, red-headed cousins that nobody cares about. Story after story of earth's past, and her peoples reveals countless 'elitist groups' either hiding from us on the planet, or leaving the planet, over and over again. We have never learned to share amongst ourselves - which I think may be a symptom of living with  mentally ill people, much like being a co-dependent in an alcoholic relationship, manifested broadly into a population.

It is a sad story, one well written for a dark and rainy fall day. One that I hope in my heart of hearts doesn't happen yet again, but, it well could. This is the real story, the real issue, the reason for all the secrecy and lying, because the preparations for another 'leave-them-behind' plot are in progress. That is obvious, we all see it. This is a race to grab all the tech, from whom ever and where ever it can be gotten, gobbling it all up and hiding it. While us normal folk, who work and scrabble for a living off the leavings of these tech-racers, who love our earth and her denizens and feel joy and lightness from our interactions with all, are once again left in the dust. This, THIS is the real sorrow of this place, this planet and its division - this war between the feelers and the dead - it never stops happening.

If waveX is real - and scientifically it looks like it is, and IF the effect on us is really what is being forecast (and not some panacea concocted to keep us complacent) then it just may be the answer this planet has been looking for, for millennia. I truly hope it is… Because if you truly knew in your heart, felt in your heart like it was your heart, your neighbors, your animals, your trees and your water, if you felt them as yourself, your own, there would be no problem with who was going to do what with new tech, or anything. WE would be the one and the many, together. This planet would sing, she would shine, and we would become whole, finally entering the next phase of our journey. And who knows what would happen then… when we could finally reach our fondest hopes and dreams made manifest.

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