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Jimmy Church made an excellent point last night with a call in guest at the last of the show when the 'who-to-believe' question came up. Everybody who says anything in this field, IMO, has a valid contribution to make according to their experience and their view point. It is when you lay it ALL out on the table, so to speak, and look at it from a standing viewpoint, instead of up close that you begin to sus-out the pattern in front of you.

THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT to do. In fact, it is a must, if you want to try to understand for yourself, and employ discernment. You remember the two famous examples that illustrate this point, I'm sure: Telephone game and the Three Blind Men and the Elephant.

In the telephone game, you whisper a sentence down the line of five or more people into the ear of the person next to you and so on until you reach the end of the line. Each person repeats what they heard as closely as they can. When you get to the end of the line the first person says out loud what was first said and the last person then repeats what was whispered to him out loud. They never, ever, match!

Then there is the parable of the Three Blind Men and the Elephant. In a nut shell they all get to touch a different part of the elephant and each one is totally convinced that his part is what the elephant truly is. Yet, we who can see know differently.

Can I just say that the way the earth has been managed the last seven or eight thousand years, or just the last 70 or 89 years alone, has made blind men of us all. We each think that we have the definitive answer, when we only have a teeensy-tiny piece of the whole grand picture.

This picture spans not only consciousness, science, society, culture, money, food, climate, propaganda, history, folk legends, myths the occult and paranormal, but ET's, ED's indigenous entities and extra-dimensions and parallel universes. There are whole universes to look at, with a plan towards keeping humanity so mixed up that we will never know.

Within our 'genre' alone we have investigators that have spent lifetimes researching various areas that have come up with what I would consider interesting and applicable information - but only in their one tiny sector. Poo-pooing ANYBODY's interpretation or research only serves to plant your head deeper into the sand.

The point is;  IT ALL GOES TOGETHER.

I repeat:


And it's going to take    ALL OF US    working side by side to figure it out. History is always written by the victors and this story goes back in time before the earth was livable and spans galaxies. So, it’s a good guess we will never know the whole story - especially that of the peoples like us coming out of enslavement and ignorance, their story counts too and is just as necessary to understanding the purpose behind all of this as the victor's point to view.

So are you catching my drift here? Nothing can be discounted. Truth comes from the soul's experience and each experience happens differently from each person, and on this planet alone, that makes a trillion different stories from a trillion different viewpoints, all having their own relevance. So keep an open mind and build that round file in an extradimensional space so it can be big enough for the amount of information needed to go into it, and remember every so often to shake it up and look at the emerging pattern on the table - the bigger picture…

Fade on....

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