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I have found no less than 3 major sources while looking at the topic of 'the Cosmic War'. Two of which are only becoming known over the last year or so. One of which is a LMH video interview of   John Brandenburg entitled The Mars Massacre. The next is also a compilation of interview of Mr. Brandenburg by Conspiracy Rabbit TV: SHOCKING Mars 'Disclosure': NASA Scientist Speak Out "The Dark Secrets of Mars" Ancient Past, and yet another interview on August 2th 2017 with Kerry Cassidy where he was less than forth coming…IMO, mainly because she was trying to connect a dot between the SSP on Mars to his info on the hidden nuclear past of Mars and he was not yet authorized to tell that part.

So let me tell a short story. About a month ago I was singularly done with all the you-know-what surrounding our genre - that of the SSP, 'disclosure, breakaway civilizations, the truth movement et al, and I sent a mental note to the universe that I needed more information. One of Joseph Farrell's videos caught my attention so I decided to listen (they are noted in the last two or three articles) and was so blown away! I filled three notebooks trying to keep track of it all.

My husband, who has always claimed to play the devil's advocate when in truth, he needed more information, asked me what my intense study was about. So I sent him a couple of the vids on his early book, 'Secrets of the Third Reich' parts one and two. Being a history buff, he was readily amazed by them and finally ready to see history in a different light, which is a very important first step for a rationalist to take in decoding… (dun dun dun) the Lie.

He asked me after he had heard them both, over dinner, why - because nothing could be done - I was so intent on learning the information. My reply to him was that, if you take all the information for the entire broad spectra of sources - including the ancient texts, unless you have a coherent structure to put it all in, it becomes a miasma of non-functioning post-it notes that got blown off the wall. What Joseph Farrell does for my thinking is give all that information a structure to fall into and connect almost every last dot there is. Therefore, I'm not left wandering around like a blithering idiot and I know where the next piece of information goes when I get it. EI: I am not crazy, although my husband would also debate that…

So, back to the point, I asked for connections and I am getting them in spades. First, because I am not judging a piece of information as right or wrong, it's either history, or it is labeled 'future possibility' and second, once the structure of organization was established, the dots got stickier and they kept coming together in amazing fashion. (I am no longer frustrated, that’s for sure)

Consequently, I bought the book: 'Genes, Giants, Monsters, and Men: The Surviving Elites of the Cosmic War and their Hidden Agenda'. I have already within the first three chapters of this book understood that indeed there was that 'cosmic war' and basically what type of physics it took to blow up a planet (scalar) and then what the survivors must have done… well sorta. It's obvious from chapter three that some of them either lived on this planet, or came limping here after that war, and that as I said in previous article that they set up a system whereby they could translate their information into indestructible means for a day way in the future. The very lynch pin of which was, a system of measure based on the earth its self:

Having thus found the means whereby an accurate unit of linear measure was so accurately reproduced over so wide an area — namely, through the use of a pendulum to count beats between markers on the circle of the horizon placed one degree apart in a 366-degree system — and thus converting the measure of time to a linear measure of distance, the next problem was to introduce accurate units of measure of volume and weight based on that same linear measure. “Such a move would have been an important building block towards trade, which was in turn a key step towards true civilization.”76 In other words, the necessary basis for international trade is accurate units of measure of volume and weight, and that accuracy can only be guaranteed by basing units of measure on the relative constancy of celestial motions and the geodetic properties of the Earth itself. The problem was easily solved by performing what physicists call a “dimensional rotation,” i.e., simply taking the linear measure, a unit of one dimension, and rotating it into two dimensions (thus measuring area), and then finally, into three dimensions, thus measuring volume. In short, the ancients simply “cubed” their Megalithic Yards, half-yards, and so on, to form the measures of volume.

Farrell, Joseph P.. Genes, Giants, Monsters, and Men: The Surviving Elites of the Cosmic War and Their Hidden Agenda (Kindle Locations 804-810). Feral House. Kindle Edition.

These measurements converted into a unit of measure called the Megalithic yard, which correlated to every other ancient system of measurement and still survives to this day in the British imperial units of measure. Hmmm. So they created a system that has survived down the millennia till today that has the measurement of the planet and zero point physics embedded in it (and if you want to know about that, I suggest buying one of his books).

I agree with him when he says there are two prime possibilities that make sense as to why this was done. One is that you lay the foundation for the recovery of your science and civilization but also, the second is that you do that because you want to recover your pre-civil war power to: Try! It! Again!?! ( like idiots - and trust me these people were not too smart if they messed up the solar system and blew to bits an entire planet and all but destroyed another one over a …civil war??? and either brought it here or got stuck here, and not mention, have been replicating their idiocy for eons of time on this planet and are STILL doing it, while the rest of us get caught in the middle of it.)

Well, anyhow, two more points. These people were here before Adam and Eve, and they were called (wait for it) the PreAdamites. Link up the Corey Goode, David Wilcock information with that one, add to it all the other various and sundry news articles about Antarctica's recent visitors and activities, and an interesting pattern begins to emerge.

Further, take the above videos and speculate that the reason the information coming out now about the radioactive xenon129's signature in Mars' surface implying a nuclear war there at one time, and see that you have the set up for one of two things,

A false flag, alien-omg-invasion of the bad guys

Or the introduction to the ruins in Antarctica


Maybe a bit of both.



Heads up!!

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