The Weave: From Soul to Souls to Soul Complexes to…


Another little thought experiment:

This would look like an explosion if seen as a whole in the middle of it happening. Like a big bang… sort of.

What if the big bang did happen, but it was the soul of the universe exploding its self into 2 then 4 then 16 then 36… What if every galaxy was a piece of the source and each galaxy contained a further division of that unity as star clusters and so on down to solar systems then to planets…

Well let me explain another way. It is posited that we are multidimensional, that we live in many dimensions and many timelines simultaneously. If that were true, then the idea that we travel in time as a group of souls, all implementing each other's journey and learnings time after time after time, would be true too. We know that we and all the life on this planet are part of the web of life called

Gaia, who in turn is a part of the energetic web we call our solar system….

We also can theorize from writings like the Law of One and other mystery schools that groups of single souls (people) of like resonation can become 'social complexes' and have a group goal and learning purpose. What happens when you merge all of your selves from all times and dimensions and densities all in one whole conscious entity? Then take that entity and merge it with the rest of the others you travel with???

I would propose that the unity we are looking for would have happened very naturally IN SPITE of the various mixed genetics had we been left alone and had a social imperative to hate-the-other in a sort of back handed attempt to keep various genetic experiments separate not been used. So that makes us an experiment gone rogue - that IMO, will never be recoverable, has mutated into something much bigger than even the designers of it ever imagined.

What if in the OCTAVE above this one, 8th dimensionally and up there is another type of experiment going on that is one that includes not just this earth and the space societies connected with it, but is more galactic or galactic cluster oriented??

foamFurther, what if multiple universes are involved? What if universes cluster the same as galaxies? What if each grouping becomes yet another life form in a larger body, of a larger body, of a….

You get it, right?

Would this not mean that we are all living and thriving in the body of successively bigger bodies into infinity, forever and yet in only the tiniest blink?

And it's all intelligent and aware.

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