There is hope: addendum to ‘It’s all true’…


4:24 PM

So today on the drive home with the grands after listening to the two high schoolers complain about slow Wi-Fi in the school, somehow the conversation came around to ET's and UFO's and people from off planet walking around on earth that were not born on earth. I added my two cents in and talked about people being so slow about it all - so I asked them if they thought that that was what was going on. They all said, including the 11 year old, 'Yes', with the expressions on their faces like I'd asked them if the grass was green… (…OMG what a dumb question Gramma….)without saying it - and they make allowances for me because I am 'old'. (at least the 11 year old now leaves out the wrinkly part…)

So I kind of let them know how frustrated I felt about how obvious it was. The eleven year old was riding shot gun, and turned to me with his angelic face and asked, "How about someday everybody wakes up and it's all ok?"   …Out of the mouth of babes.

I asked him if he thought that idea up, and he said, "No, it just popped in, right now."

So, there is hope. The teens take it as accepted fact, the eleven year old, is in tune with someone of higher intelligence (he is ADHD and might be a tad autistic) and he just knows. These are the beauties we are leaving this world to. They are the ones who will come up with the answers to heal this world, and make it the paradise we all know it could and should be. These are our hope. Even my son knows. His generation is really caught in the middle. I thought being born in the fifties was tough, but all you had to do was keep your mouth shut. His generation were born with all the instincts on full and nowhere to go with it. So while he goes through his daily life, he's wide awake but the idiots who run the planet have made sure that in no way will he have time to think about it if he wants to put food on the table for his family.

So, it is up the Curmudgeon Brigade (us) to get testy enough to get things going, after all, the idiots running the place are our age or older. We let it get this far. We can start it - the kids will finish it. They will heal it, they will shape it, they will create unimaginable wonders.

And they will reach the stars.

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