This is how your world will end. By Maia Dalma


If you were hanging out on Solar Warden, having a philosophical moment, it might look like this:

I counted at least twelve. It looked like a battle group. They are from the 24. Adrija's people. They have taken up position. They will loiter until it is time. They have come for disclosure. It is imminent. No date. They want to meet you. Next week. The male and female. Hope and fear. Increase one. Lessen the other. It will be a challenge like no other we have faced. I have finished the AAR. Look for it. They have placed three on station. Our world is ending, baby. At least the one we thought we knew. I have shared this before. It has greater meaning to me now.

Everyone wants to know if the end of their world is near. Deep inside each of them a part of each one knows that change is on their horizon. The preppers are prepping. The preachers are preaching. Our 'leaders' all have underground bunkers prepared for Onset. The survivalists want to survive. The faithful want to believe. And each of them believes that each of them is right. They are. All of them are right. To a degree. But those degrees are all equally insane. They each have their own piece of the puzzle and those pieces are starting to fall together. You did not choose this road, baby. It has chosen you. And none of them need to believe it. The world each of them knows is ending. There is no stopping what comes. They will each realize this in the moment as it unfolds. In that moment, the thought system of their world will die, and changes that must occur will occur, and the thinking that must be reversed completely, will reverse, and the world they each think they know will end. Until then, bits and pieces of its insane thinking will still seem sensible. But this is about to change.

Humanity's great lesson, which is quickly closing on them, will bring the ending of the world as each of them knows it, but like so many other ideas whose time has come, this idea cannot yet be fully grasped by those not yet prepared to leave the poisoned, dying, divided madhouse this world has become and go beyond its tiny reach. Humanity reaches for the stars. Like little children. And yet each of them ask in themselves in that same moment, 'How will it all end?' Everyone seems to have their own ideas about what is and is not sustainable. Look around the world. Tell us what each of you sees. Do you see what we see? The very things that unite you as a species can also divide you. in the hunger and thirst of that moment, the world you think you know will end. But not like any of you truly believe. And not as any of you fear. The world is tired. It is weary. And nature is about to rebel.

This is how your world will end. It will end in joy, because this world is a place of sorrow. When the end of this world comes, the purpose of this world will be gone. This world will end in peace, because humanity has made it a place of constant war. When peace has come, what is the purpose of the world humanity has built? Your world will end in laughter, because this world is a place of tears. Where there is laughter in the end of anything, who could weep for what has ended?

In a blessing will the world you think you know depart, the one humanity has made...the poisoned dying world that greed and ego have built to rule and to destroy. Rest assured that this world will not end as it began. To turn the hell humanity has made of it into the heaven it was meant to be is the lesson humanity is about to learn, for what humanity has taught its children are but the illusions of lessons in which humanity's ideas of hell are all reflected.

This is not the way of the Universe. Nor is it the way of a civilization that has advanced beyond its own self-created extinction. Humanity's time in this insane hell is nearly finished. Nearly done. Look around your world. The time is not soon. The time of the end of the world you think you know is now. Look around this world and tell us the truth of what each of you sees?

The question remains. How? This is Disclosure. It is also called Apocalypse. The end of the world as you know it.

The AAR will post on SM2 within the hour. Share it with Paó-Li. Release the photographs.

If...  is maybe not so far away

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