Time S t r e t c h e d


time stretchWhat if we missed it? What if we have already ascended, and we don’t even know it? What if 2012 Dec. 21st it all happened and it just escaped our notice? Which would mean we are in the phase of cleaning house and that now, all that is left is the great revealing? What if time has been stretched from the moment of 12/21/2012 till now. Is it possible that the stress/stretch we feel might be a mini-extension we have been given to help us catch-up to the plan? Are we are ready to let go of that stretch?


2012David Wilcock talks of a bifurcated time line, where here will be three ways to continue. One where you witness the destruction of this place, one where you leave this place to go on further in third dimensional training, and one where you move to fourth dimensional experience on this planet. For those of us who are even remotely concerned with this dialogue, I do believe the fourth dimension looks lovely.


dontcrossOthers talk of the crossing. The actual meaning of the word niribu NOT only applied to a body but also a verb: “place of crossing” or “crossing fee” – In the Gilgamesh epic, (6) for example, we read the line (remarkably similar to one of the beatitudes in the sermon on the Mount): “Straight is the crossing point (nibiru; a gateway), and narrow is the way that leads to it.” A geographical name in one Sumero-Akkadian text, a village, is named “Ne-bar-ti- Ash-shur” (“Crossing Point of Asshur”). Another text dealing with the fees for a boatman who ferries people across the water notes that the passenger paid “shiqil kaspum sha ne- bi-ri-tim” (“silver for the crossing fees”). From <http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/2016/02/zecharia-sitchen-was-wrong-myth-of.html> In the last few weeks I have been wondering if that means that the timelines will cross and merge again to be whole and healed, maybe that has to happen before dimensional shift can?

full disclosure NOWFor the Full Disclosure Now camp, if the world goes into catastrophe tomorrow, all the who did what to whom will not matter because it will be wiped off the face of the earth, but if we move to 4D, it will be a moot point about who did what, and it will all be about healing ourselves from what has been done as we heal the planet.

So what happenes when time snaps back and the crossing point is reached? A while back I wrote this. I think it is still valid now.


crosstimesTo those of us who have been at this business of living through a silent war for a long, long, time… A secret war, an invisible war, it’s not over yet but it will be soon. And ‘they’ won’t win. So don’t give in, don’t give up, don’t dream it’s over, because it’s not. Hang on and remember that in the end love always wins, always.

In this journey to sovereignty, to freedom, to true love of all that is, time is but a hiccup, a bump in the road and we are only at the on ramp to the freeway. To all of you out there who have wandered for so long, been lost in the fog of deception and confusion, soon you will be coasting down the road with the wind in your hair and the starlight on your faces.

The heart of the world is blossoming, is opening and casting its lovely light gently, and subtly upon us. I can feel it sinking into the pores of my being. And, Oh, my heart is sore and tired, unfamiliar with this deep , sweet feeling. This calm, this rest, this feeling. This ocean of love.

lotusSo, don’t dream it’s over, my loves… it has only begun. Let the fragrance waft over your soul, breathe deep and be soothed. We are on the verge of wonder. This I know. From <https://alsionsbells.wordpress.com/2015/08/30/dont-dream-its-over/>

Carry on - just a little while longer my loves…..

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