To be a little Clair-er…


confusedWhen my husband read the last article he didn't understand the point of it.  So, I will try to be just a bit 'clair-er'…so to speak.

What I found out, the hard way in my youth, is that whatever your learning style is will be your strongest 'gift' (I hate that word in this context because we all have this system up and working).


If you learn by doing and touching and working with your hands, if ideas click when you are exercising or moving your body, you are kinesthetic. When you begin to listen deeper, you will find that you get your first recognition of nonobvious (psychic) information through your body.

You will receive intuitive messages via feelings, emotions, or physical sensations.  Empathy (feeling the emotions of others) is also a form of clairsentience. So is picking up on another's physical pain or maladies and feeling them in your own body. For example, walking into an energetically charged atmosphere, like a haunting, you would perceive your information about the place through your physical body in a symbolic form. Let's say your left shoulder hurt and you got nauseated. The left side is feminine, the shoulders carry burdens and your stomach digests emotional understanding. So this spirit could be communicating that it is feminine and she is carrying a great burden of emotional pain.


If you learn by listening, talking things out, you like lectures, listen to music when you study, take notes with a tape recorder, you are an auditory learner. When you literally listen deeper, open to your inside self, your nonobvious information (psychic) information will resound inside your head, like a conversation.

You will receive intuitive messages without using the physical ears. This can be that little voice of warning inside your head or it can be what you might consider self-talk ( like you hear when reading to yourself) however if you were paying attention to it you'd probably be going, "Waitaminit! What was that??" because it would be 'new' information breaking into your internal thought stream. Or you might hear music, hear whispers, even someone else's voice. This happens inside your head and is NOT something some else can hear. Yes, I know, sounds slightly schizophrenic, right? Not!!!


If you learn by seeing things, take extensive written notes with charts, doodles, and drawings, if you remember better by coping your notes over so that during the test you can see them in your mind's eye, if you close your eyes to remember, then you are a visual learner. When you let your mind show you pictures in your little TV screen in your head, you will find that your nonobvious (psychic) information will be like your imagination.

You will receive an 'imaginary' picture in your head. It's the most well-known, and probably the most misunderstood of the clairs because it is often mistaken for one's imagination, because it is very close to what it's like to have a day dream. I always call it that little TV screen in my mind.


We all have a "d'oh" switch and V8 moment switch in our heads. We all also have a straight line to the divine connection that we mostly ignore. When this is activated it becomes an instant information dump/download.

This ability that we all have delivers information we didn't know we knew, something without logic or facts. It is more connected to your gut level intuition than any exterior sensory apparatus. I am sure you have all had the experience of having something just pop into your head, unbidden, out of the blue that pertains to nothing you are doing in the moment. The first couple of times this happened to me, I felt guilt at having such 'uncharitable thoughts' about someone. Come to find out later, that it was all true. All I could think was, "Oh NO!!! TMI!" What is it we say, 'Can't unsee that!' - well the same applies here - can't unknow that!

Other times it may save your life. I had a beautiful little MGB convertible in British racing green. It was my first car, I loved it and I only had one payment left on it… One night on the way home at a stop sign I had two choices, the long way or the toll way. Well, I didn't have enough money to go the toll way but for some strange reason, I really wanted to. I should have just done it and run the toll booth because on the way home the long way, I was in a car crash and totaled my beautiful MGB when someone turned in front of me to cross 4 lanes of traffic without looking.

Really, all of this is just an extension of your natural being. Its more HOW we use ourselves that allows us a greater connection to the world. How we are listening, how we are invested in being here now, how open we are to receiving information and communicating with our environment and everything in it.

I wrote the first post because I realized this still isn't common knowledge. It's so simple it's scary and because of that almost impossible to believe. But that’s just it, you don't have to believe, just watch and find out for your selves.

Oh yeah, have fun with this! 🙂

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