Toruk: Cirque du Soleil, an invitation, of sorts…


Because it was the 16 year anniversary of the day we met - which really hit us both between our proverbial eyes, and because, I passed by Vegas on the way home from CITD 2016 and the 15 minutes it took to drive by on the freeway was worth 2 weeks of energetic disruption to me (so he's never dragging me back - evar) we decided to go see TORUK right here in good 'ol Indianapolis.
The ability to create an immersive and interactive theater experience, the engineering and creative design, and the psychology all combined to drag you into an amazing show. Not to mention the physical abilities of the performers the training and conditioning that only years of diligent work can create, then add to that the costuming - I was further amazed and entranced and lured in to this lovely show.
Then there were the effects created with the fabrics that the Cirque du Soleil are literally famous for and since their huge TV debut back in the 80's have migrated into regular theater on sets like Phantom… The dragon being perhaps one of the most amazing feats I saw in the entire show.
Further - yes, there are three furthers… So as not to exclude, or miss the younger set in these audiences, they had a downloadable app for your phone that allowed you to become a part of the show. Literally, a part of the show. You get to play with the lightening bugs at the beginning, and become the eyes of the enemy with your screen and the lightning storm with your flash. Also, the digital affects they used to change the back ground from rock to running water, to lava were mind blowingly real.
Further number two was the use of aroma. In two places at least that I noticed. One was around the fire - I smelled wood smoke and the next was when a certain blossom was found.

The third Further and by far the MOST unusual of all three was, at the climax of the show, when they were saving the world tree, underneath or with in the music was a bit of frequency mind control. I was stunned, to say the least. I had been paying attention - but I wasn't riveted by the plot - I was riveted by the technical aspect of the scenery and was taking pictures. Even so - when the world tree was saved - the tree of souls - the tears were streaming down my face. My inner watcher promptly said "What the fuck?!" I noticed I had no control over it - and I looked at my husband who had tears streaming down his face too. And the inner watcher said, "PAY ATTENTION!" I was now not emotionally connected to the fantasy being played out in front of me at all - but cool and coldly observing the inner dichotomy going on. My body was weeping I felt the constriction in my throat, and the poignancy in my heart - and my mind stood back totally shocked at being so deftly manipulated. I am sure not many noticed that this was a produced effect because it seemed so natural as it came from the body as part of the show. But I was, because it made no sense. I wasn't even tracking the emotional part of the story - I was trying to get pictures of the lighting…( Here is the link in face book - there are 75 shots of the whole show: TORUK AVATAR) And all I could think was, 'Holy hell, if this is what some portion of mind control feels like, then we are in for a very interesting ride.', because, unless you have had plenty of practice at it, you would be sucked right in without any discernment that it was all fake. One wonders then, if that is not what they are already doing to us in the world at large, and a reason why when you disconnect for a while from all the force-fed social media and TV hype etc., you feel so wonderful and then when you reconnect it feels so crazy-awful?
Just an observation here… A morsel to think about… Seriously…. Very Seriously, indeed.

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