Two Constitutions in the United States. 1st Was Illegally Suspended in Favor of a Vatican “Crown” Corporation in 1871


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Two Constitutions in the United States. 1st Was Illegally Suspended in Favor of a Vatican “Crown” Corporation in 1871

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The following article details a pivotal piece of history that all who seek freedom would do well to understand. While many people assume that the legal system is a discoherent mash of randomly enacted "laws" (which is true in some cases), there is a more delicate underlying fabric at work.

The legal system is a set of codified policies founded on contracts or equity law, which is the science of how two or more free-will beings work with each other co-creatively. The organic Constitution for the United States of America is a contract or charter of the government of the organic Republic, formed after the revolution in 1776. While this wasn't a perfect document, it was created by the founders for the purpose of governing the union autonomously (independent of British rule), a document created by the people.

But the Cabal, for reasons too complicated to list here, cannot let any nation or group of people escape their clutches. They needed to ensure that eventually the fledgling United States would be forced back into the fold. They tried to do this using several means since the beginning of the nation, such as enacting a fractional reserve banking system just after the Revolutionary War ended. They also attempted to reinvade during the War of 1812. And while one could conclude they were successful in corrupting the U.S., it wasn't until 1871 that an overt takeover took place. This was when the "keys to the kingdom" were handed over to the enemy and new and unparalleled era of corruption began.

Ever since 1871, the continental United States of America has been run and managed by a foreign occupying entity, the Federal State created by the Act of 1871. This occupying force can be described as the Cabal—a nefarious group of bankers and elitists who want to suppress freedom wherever it springs up, using infiltration, deception, and bread and circus distractions to destroy the autonomy of any group of peoples.

For this insidious purpose, a new government replaced the organic one because, during the war, Congress was abandoned and no official government existed. Lincoln issued General Order 100 or the Leiber Code in 1863, granting himself emergency powers to rule over the war-torn nation as the first dictator of the United States. Those emergency powers have never been relinquished, which granted him (and every other president since then) the ability to issue decrees (Executive Orders) that have the full force of law. Since that time, through the Act of 1871, and various other acts, the Federal government has usurped nearly all the power that was formerly held in the hands of the people, via the states of the union.

Today, the cancer of the Federal government has infiltrated every aspect of American society and civil life. The once quasi de jure status of the states and counties—which were initially the backbone of authority in the union—are completely beholden to the might is right federal government.

In plain English, the United States of America created by the founding fathers died back in 1871—it was taken over by a foreign occupying force. Since then, every president elected by the people was a deceptive fraud, a way to garner consent of the governed that do not understand their true history. When a person votes for a president of the United States, they are literally committing treason against the organic Constitution, endorsing the foreign occupying force and becoming a "turncoat." Of course, we aren't taught this history in our schools, nor do they teach law and contracts to the people so they can recognize the truth. Most likely, those presidents and representatives elected since this act were not aware of the insidious purpose of their election in securing the consent of the governed to be ruled by an authority not loyal to the people.

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While the United States was hardly a perfect nation before 1871, since then, it has become a weapon of war and destruction, wreaking untold damage on almost everything it touches. And the people, on the whole, are almost entirely unaware of this critical piece of history. The reason being is that if the people, of all nations, knew that the power of the government is actually in the hands of the people and that we give it away by endorsing foreign occupiers and the de facto state, there would probably be a revolution in short order.

Within the laws of contracts and the social fabric of reality itself, when we participate in a society that is inherently fraudulent and tyrannical, we breathe life into it via our actions—regardless if a secondary choice exists. Thus, those of us who do know of these realities are responsible for helping others educate themselves, which in a sense, is a self-defense measure. When there is no other choice but to participate in tyranny for one's survival, sharing the truth and forming social bonds to one day over throw and replace the fraudulent government is the highest priority. All those who endorse slavery unwittingly become the enemies of freedom and those who seek it. Yet in our desire to free ourselves and others, we cannot fall pray to intolerance and unbalanced aggression. As was said in the matrix, the people have been deceived to participate in their own enslavement, and they need our help to see the truth even while they seek to enfold us back into the flock of the disempowered and downtrodden.

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Although this information about law, contracts, and history may seem dry and unentertaining, it is essential to understand. Without this foundational knowledge, slavery of oneself and others is mistaken for freedom—as almost all people of Earth have done. The people of this world have been defrauded by their leaders, not just in the U.S., but everywhere. And whether a government is a democracy, republic, monarchy, or whatever, the same foundational laws and inalienable rights are at play. Hence, all governments must secure the consent of the governed in some way. These rights are endowed by the Creator. They can go unused but can never be truly removed, which means the powers that should not be must garner our consent and agreement by whatever means necessary, using deceptions, enticements, and elaborate illusions to procure our compliance.

The government wants us to think we have no power, that we need it to survive but it is actually the other way around. So don't think for one second that your opinion, beliefs, and actions don't matter. They are very important. The Cabal needs you to participate and endorse their corporate governments. Without your support, they would whither and die—just like any other parasitic entity.

Consider that the insurgent government that took over in 1871 usually doesn't want people to participate in managing their lives. But on election day, they want us to come out in droves to usher in a new president, senator, or local policy change. What or who we vote for doesn't really matter. What's important is that we participated and gave our power to the federal government, via voter registration and other means. So long as remain compliant and obey the dictates of our overlords, following their orders without question, they stay in power and we accept enslavement.

What we do with our mind, body, and energy is important. Our choices have consequences. Take the time to gain critical knowledge and understanding of this legal and lawful history, not just this article, but the volumes of information that exist on the internet. This way, we can, as a people, come together with key knowledge and understanding so that we can; first, recognize we have been defrauded, and second, create a truly honorable and fair society that acknowledges the rights of all people and life as recognition of the truth of inalienable rights and the primacy of sovereignty of all conscious beings.

- Justin

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