Wake up Alliances! We need you! By Tiffany Fontenot


I read a post this morning that encompassed what I felt and wanted to say about the FULL DISCLOSURE MOVEMENT on face book. I just had to share this with you all because it is PURE EXCELLENCE.

tiffany fontanont

This brilliant woman is very busy helping with the FULL DISCLOSURE MOVEMENT. She has an excellent blog tifvision.wordpress.com, which I invite you all to read.  Her post is as follows:

Here is my response to today's episode of Cosmic Disclosure Season 3, Episode 8 "Inner Earth: Debriefing the Alliance," Feb. 23, 2016 original air date:

"Here is what I find interesting. The SSP boys seem to have lost their ability to properly track cause and effect relationships due to their feelings of jealousy toward Corey Goode and others.

Here is the chain of events so far as we have been informed: Dracos throw everyone under bus; causing cabal to turn against Inner Earth who had been assisting cabal up to that point; causing Inner Earth to become concerned because now unfriendly ETs and Cabal can reach Inner Earth to attack them; Guardians (SBA) have made a point not to negotiate directly with cabal groups or those groups who have assisted cabal;

So, the threat of Inner Earth being attacked is the most direct thread that caused Inner Earth folks to reach out to Corey because the SBA (Sphere Being Alliance, or who the Inner Earth people call The Guardians) won't speak with them... (with one exception where SBA simply made an announcement to Inner Earth People)...

Corey did not cause that chain of events to occur, the Draco did. None of that had to do with Corey, so please get over it already. There are way more important things to contemplate here.

It is true that Gonzalez may have gleaned more information than Corey if he had been allowed into the library. But, the fact is that he was not invited. Now why do you think that was????? Hmmmmm? The way that you guys conduct yourselves, the decisions you make, and the beliefs you hold account for Corey being allowed to have that experience, and not Gonzalez.

If you guys start behaving in a trustworthy fashion consistent with unity consciousness, and you take on board that the highest expression comes from love and cooperation for ALL instead of just for you and yours, then maybe next time, Gonzalez will NOT be excluded from learning important things... because everyone will be able to trust that you guys will not use that information to inflict harm upon anyone else and will only use it for UNITY'S sake.

So, once again, you are cutting off your noses to spite your faces when you act selfishly, and I suggest that everyone put on their UNITY GLASSES while pondering and acting upon these issues, so that y'all will see how smoothly and beautifully things move when ALL involved choose to do that, eh??? smile emoticonsmile emoticon

The SSP instead of using all of these situations to build opportunities for more unity, have so far remained in their self-made service to self-bubble being jealous of what they do not get to do and what they do not have.

Your behavior engaging that energy will only get you more of it, and us as well. So please knock it off! You guys are very good at seeing opportunities. PLEASE FLIP THAT ABILITY INTO A POSITIVE AND START CAPITALIZING ON OPPORTUNITIES FOR UNITY instead of what you've been doing!!!!

All Alliances please listen well... Stop making excuses for your own service to self-behavior and pretending that it is service to others. It is NOT. You do not tell a sick patient that you will cure them over the next 50 years if you have the cure TODAY. The people of this planet are suffering NOW and want full relief and freedom NOW. Not a little freedom over the next 100 years. FULL FREEDOM NOW!

Please put your unity consciousness glasses on and see properly through that lens. The Earth herself and the people who love her and our entire solar system need for you all to make decisions based on what you would want for you and your own family and friends... FOR EVERYONE ELSE! If it's good enough for you, then it is good enough for everyone else. If you do not want to live under someone else's thumb, then do not make decisions that put us under someone's thumb.

To the SSP... we will know you guys get it, and that you are moving into bringing your humanity back to yourselves when we hear that you have accepted Corey and are giving him the same access to medical care you that you yourselves get.

That is a great step to take if you do not wish to be on the end of a noose, right???? Quit being petty little immature, selfish children because all of us are counting on you to be the grownups here and make good decisions. The first GOOD one you made was to dump the cabal. We are so proud of you for that! Keep it going, eh?!!!

In relaying events at the Alliance Meeting... offensive weapons were discussed, and they were told to stop using these weapons: I must say that I am completely AGHAST and taken aback that only weapons that may be disruptive to the corporate infrastructure were addressed!

Do you guys not understand that there is an energetic, psychotronic network that cabal are using on PEOPLE and other beings that it has targeted all over the world, and EVERY single time there is a false flag or some other drop in energy, these people get the crap kicked out of them in addition to the normal attacks they are forced to endure on a daily bases????

Perhaps we can arrange for you guys to be plugged into this network in order to provide some motivation to think about others instead of just yourselves and protecting corporate infrastructure so that you can better remember to also include PEOPLE into that equation???

Shut that f-ing network down! It is basically a torture machine that they have tied people into that runs on satellites and all other manner of technology that uses vibrations, magnetic fields, sound, and light in order to TORTURE PEOPLE EVERY DAY, and it is NOT pretty.

If you are going to address offensive weapons, then you most assuredly need to address the ones that affect PEOPLE and not just corporate infrastructure that humanity will be inheriting when the torch is passed... for cryin' out loud!!! I hope to hear that this has been addressed IMMEDIATELY! Please go back and fix this! It should have been discussed whenever offensive weaponry was brought up, and I still just cannot believe that it was not. Please fix that with a quickness!!!!

You guys need to learn to see past the ends of your noses. What benefits the whole benefits you. BRING EVERYONE UP THE LEVEL THAT YOU, YOURSELVES WISH TO ENJOY, DAMMIT! Make decisions based from that! We are tired of selfish assholes around here. NO MORE slavery of any kind. NO MORE deception of any kind. NO MORE pretending there is not enough. NO MORE poverty. NO MORE illness. Bring this NOW, not in 100 years... RIGHT NOW!!

Make a plan for sending both replicators and free energy that will not cause the economy to crash, and that will be a quick changeover to no longer using money at all. We choose a passion based, abundant system where EVERYONE can thrive.

Also, the technology that is being used that has destructive effects on living beings such as ELF waves, microwaves, wifi, cell phones yada, yada, yada need to be replaced with technology that supports and uplifts life instead of making it sick and killing it. Put that on y'alls list as well, and I mean it! All of us are just waiting to be able to stand up and applaud your excellent decisions as soon as you make them.

Additionally, you can dump ALL disclosure in a responsible way. Do it like this... Put it in a nutshell, then put all the details in a searchable database. For example, you can say ...cabal used trauma based mind control to force SOME people without their consent to do what they wanted them to do. Give a couple details so they can get the jist of what that entails. But then dump ALL the rest of the details into an easy to use searchable database.

Then always put the disclaimer about using that database such as... Please understand that the details of this trauma based mind control are many and horrific. We have provided them here in a database that you can search if you would like to educate yourselves further, however, understand that you take on the risk of traumatizing yourself just by diving into this information that by its very nature is traumatic.

So you let the people decide how far into it they choose to go.... See? Something like that where you tell what happened, and you provide all the information, but the people can decide how far into the cesspool they would like to dive. You would have to figure out how to set up the data to fit that particular way of expressing it though.

So, all of this is not rocket surgery, folks, just do the right thing for the right reason. The planet and all beings who love her and want to live in peace, abundance, and freedom have suffered enough, and do not deserve to suffer for even one more second. Please get it together. We are all counting on you!

Also, the unity consciousness of the seven billion of us and our family and friends on the other side will NOT support the selfish decisions being made by you all, so every time you make a selfish decision from here on out, you better duck. Hear? Best to do yourselves and the rest of us a favor, and quit making those childish, selfish decisions. Act from a different part of your anatomy...your HEART!

I do want to reiterate that I am VERY grateful that you all have come to your senses enough to know that the cabal way is not the way. Do not re-create that which you want rid of so that you are the new tyrant in charge. We all deserve better than that tyrannical, abusive, unloving, beast system.

We are more than that. Help to make us better. You all have something very old and wise inside of you. Let your hearts lead your mind. Your hearts love you so much, guys! And, they know what real love is. Please stop succumbing to hate and fear disguised as love because that's not love at all.

I look forward to hearing that all of these things have been addressed.

Thank you all for all that you are taking on. Please do not lead us into brick walls. We've had enough of those. Lead us into love, passion, abundance, wellness, and freedom. Do not postpone our collective joy!! Love y'all!

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