We Are Our Own Healers


Anytime we willfully choose to deny the truth it causes pain and suffering and dis-empowerment in direct proportion to the truth being denied. -Justin from SITS

Caroline_MysscrpIf you do not deal with your biography, it will become your biology.

-Caroline Myss

Please learn this like a mantra.

energy follows zukovIt is the absolute truth. I cannot stress it enough. Our bodies are so connected to who we are that we literally we become the collected conglomeration of every thought and feeling we have ever had and how we chose to respond/deal with it. Psst: all life is flow - all is a vibration/movement through the river of living energy called source. We live in this river, play in this river with every thought, intension and feeling. Fact.

Nothing is by chance. What is in your face you have placed there as a lesson to your soul long before you incarnated here on this earth. You and You sat down and had a long talk about where you wanted to explore and the elements you needed to bring it to fruition.

buddhaWhat you resist, persists. If you want to get through a particularly sticky (to you at the moment) situation that you are not liking, whether it is emotional or physical the key word is allow. If you stop the experience it will get stuck in your physical body. By letting it pass through you it can leave after it changes your resonance with its information. Otherwise it waits in the body for you to allow it to go.

The things we resist the most, are the things we learn the most from. Inevitably, whatever it is that we do not want and refuse to see will cause, in the end the most growth in your being. Those things sit there and by congruence attract more of the same frequency and grow. Mostly because you are feeding them energy by not allowing them the move through your consciousness.

Your greatest pain is your greatest teacher. In the middle of the worst part of any emotional pain is a diamond of awareness. Compressed by so much force that when you finally allow it throughway in your being, what is left behind is a beautiful crystal clear diamond of wisdom.

Courage is doing what we are afraid to do. In other words, you must be afraid to be courageous. Courage isn't about daring-do, it's about taking a deep breath and looking at the real truth and allowing the change in consciousness to grow your soul. You can never be diminished, you are immortal.

Pain is a way of drawing your past and your future into the only place healing can occur, the present.

creationWhen we are ready to change, we attract whatever we need to help us. This is a very true truth…. Lol if there is such a thing as a true truth. When the intent goes out created from the inner decision to change, which is only looking one percent to either side of your current thought position, your frequency changes and there by you are attracting more of the same into your conscious field and change is a given.

imagesCBKA4HO3The significant problems we face, cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. Einstein - of course. Once you change your frequency, your thoughts change or vice versa, and then you can see a different way - recognize a larger picture - attract a totally new perspective. He is so right - Einstein, when he talks about vibration and frequency.

So because we are so afraid to see what is in front of our noses, have been so totally programmed to see only what is in the matrix, what the proscribed reality currently is only allowed to be, we need to:

Think around it: what is on the other side?

Think through it: break it down to better understand it.

Think out of the box: define your box and don't go there.

Re-frame: can you adjust your judgement or attitude or response to it? Can you play the "what-if" game for 5 minutes and see it through that lens? Because if you can reframe then you can;

Re-imagine: Reverse think it, re-create a better outcome, test out what that feels like, practice empowerment.

Apply opposites: Look at it from the other side/other person, or as if you were the cause of the situation. Understanding can loosen the grip and shake out the stunning moment that initially gripped your being.

If it's not what you want: What DO you want? This is the hardest thing to answer sometimes, beyond just the pain to stop. But if it was over, or if it didn't happen, then what???

Notice the cycles/patterns: break/change one leg/piece of the cycle to collapse the whole pattern. This is called a conjugated loop. Diagram the situation in a circle. If you can find one place in that loop where you can break the connection to the next step, the whole process breaks down. When this happens in inter-dynamic energies in groups, usually everyone stands around looking at everybody else thinking, 'what just happened - and why was I being an idiot?'

einstein2Reality is NOT the superior force we misapprehend it to be, IMAGINATION is.   (I am beginning to wonder if imagination is conscious awareness and energy playing to see what happens.)

I had all these little gems come out of the woodwork yesterday and the day before as I was looking through old books to find the dream book, in scattered notes stuck between pages of random thoughts and tidbits of wisdom from really enlightened people that I had written down and ferreted away so as not to lose them, and I felt that maybe I should share. So there it is.

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