We did it again!


Just a short little observation today. It seems that in this march of disclosure, we (I, more specifically) assimilate information in different stages. I get given an awareness of a particular piece, say for instance, the David Icke information, and the first time I watch it, yes, I understand, but there is a part of me that says even though he makes logical sense, my gut is just not picking it up because it's too wild. Then, a year later, I review some of his information again and voila! He is smartest person I have ever heard and there it is all in one place, very clearly defined.

Now, is this because I had to input more material and make more mental connections in my round file? (the place where all this information floats in my head waiting for the dots to connect - which they do if you give them time) OR, is this because the entire consciousness of the planet is rising and thusly this information is easier to understand at a basic level?

I ask, because, back in the 1970's I remember Shirley McLaine's book "Out on a Limb". ( -a Mandela moment here, because in looking this up it said she published in 1983 and I distinctly remember this while I was still living with my parents, by 1982 I was married with two children…) The reason I remember was because you could go to any rock shop and buy quartz crystal for a hundredth of the price everybody charges now. I was very put off, because I was a rock person all my life and now because of popularization I had to be rich to buy them. OK I bring all this up because about the late 70's early 80's a hundredth monkey event happened where one minit nobody knew about crystals and energy and the next - everybody did! I blamed that on Shirley's books - but looking back, it really was more of a hundredth monkey thing because even people who would have never read her books all of a sudden, just knew about vibes, energy and crystals, and quite frankly I was mad because it drove the price of them sky-high - so I remember!!!!

Each time humanity has made a 'hundredth-monkey-leap', and I have noted a few through the years, overnight, information is placed in the subconscious collective mind of mankind and it just pops up in everybody's brain like it had always been there and people don't even notice the moment when they innately know something new. I HAVE WATCHED THIS HAPPEN!!!

My point in all this is, have you noticed? We've done it again. This has got to be a good sign on our journey to waking up. Yeah, I mean I know we do all the hard work and all the others just wake up one morning with the transplant, but, what the hey, that's our job, right?

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