What if mom could read my akashic record….


Imagine that you are an alien, well not exactly, let's say that you are from one of our futures - meaning that you have evolved, you are telepathic but you are not so much different that you couldn't fit in if you were to visit, your physical form is 21st century human. You know the language very well, but you are missing the cultural subtext of the conversation whenever you interact with the here and now people on the planet. But you are here to learn, to observe and understand, and teach, like a cultural historian.

However, you are alien enough to be confused in communicating with the people here because they all say one thing, think another and yet do another thing. (Imagine if you were even more alien - from another planet - how confusing it would be here.) But your mission is to observe and teach - to help this current earth on the precipice of transition into a type one civilization make it over the threshold into a new paradigm.

It was decided to send you, because you are actually close enough to walk amongst these people and can understand them enough to learn who and what they are - so you can place your teachings in a context that they will understand. You know this planet is at a pre-telepathic stage of its development - that they are literally trapped inside their own heads - they have no concept that their subtext (what they really think) is confusing, nor would they really want it to be known what they really think… The people of this planet assume that their thoughts are private. Nothing could be further from the truth because even if you didn't hear all the subtext,  just looking at them, it is portrayed in every bit of their outer countenance, every movement, every expression.

Unfortunately for you, you are a telepath, however, and the subtext is loud and clear. And confusing. But not to be deterred, you begin to try to accomplish your mission and at every turn you find you cannot get on with the business at hand.

(IMO This is sad.)


What if, in passing you may have met one of these people and it happened to be a bad day and your thoughts were really stinky? ( Fail!!!  And trust me, you will never know if that happens, and it does more often than you know.) So folks, is it any wonder we are NOT visited? Is it any wonder that we end up - when we reach out in channeling, or in telepathic questing - with a not so savory element? It's like the guest said last night, that you must raise your vibration - your inner subtext, the running commentary, your real feelings about stuff - if you wish to communicate with a positive element.

It's like Jimmy pointed out last month or so, the internet, and social media are an outer structure to practice for the onset of telepathy. We blithely go about behaving badly all over the place on the net because the target of low blow comments can't reach through the device we are using and smack us. We never stop to even consider being the recipient of said garbage. We just litter the electrons with nasty.


Here's the point, your subtext IS your telepathic personality. I read a book by a woman anthropologist who spent years amongst an aboriginal tribe in Australia in the 70's. She reported that they were naturally telepathic. When she asked their shaman/wise person how they did it, he told her that they do not lie - they do not have a part of themselves that they hide. I have heard it said that most telepaths don't like it here because our thoughts 'stink'. Because we hide a very nasty side of ourselves just below the surface. And what we don't realize is that it is all too obvious to some people. We all read this all the time - the outer indications of the subtext like body language and mannerisms, fleeting facial expressions. Instead of recognizing the bad behavior for what it is, a symptom of hard life lessons or unmanaged pain, we sit there and let the subtext fly with all the acid we have, quietly, or what we think is quietly, in our minds - and sometimes more blatantly in the many avenues of the social media verse.

We don't even see what asses we are being. If we are to enter into the new paradigm of this world, the positive time line, we need to begin to observe our own subtext and see it for what it is and start to correct or examine why we feel the way we do and heal it instead of spew it. At least we need to become aware that it is happening and begin to wonder how a telepath, an alien, an angel, (whomever) would be receiving your inner consciousness stream. We are being asked to choose our inner landscape as well as our outer landscape. To do that we actually have to turn the light on and look at it and begin to remodel it.


So I ask you (hear Jimmy's voice imitating you know who) what if…someone else, like your mother could read your akashic record? Would you be getting your metaphoric mouth washed out with soap??

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