What is reality, really?


In relation to my last article, I ran into a video this morning of Richard Dolan giving his new lecture in Toronto, which brings this question of 'What is reality, really?' back up in my mind. Because of the way scientism crept into our culture via the new way to understand the world around us by measurement, technology has slipped into our lives creating a far more mental, cultural paradigm into our ideas of 'what-is-real'. And because this very mentally weighted cultural change to what is valuable has taken the emphasis off of human to human/ human to nature interactions we now all are immersed in a world where values are determined by a mental reality over a physical body reality. IE: you can drive right by the kids living under the bridge because your face book group is live-casting an immersive video experience of all our favorite bug selfies.


We are little bit by little bit being mentally and culturally herded into placing a higher value on the electronic mental experience over the person to person experience. It's so prevalent that jokes are made about it in social media and on TV commercials; in one way so that it is acceptable to laugh it off and in another to so inure us to the idea that we don't care, because after all, would you give your phone up? Could you? - Do you even have a land line left in your home???


Richard goes into the 'Layers of Reality', which I will list only to talk about in relation to my own ideas, then you have to watch this formidable talk he gave (1). I promise it is organized so well that even if you are very familiar with the ideas presented, it still will have you running to take notes.


These Layers of Reality are from the center of a circle out;

  1. the Mass pop
  2. the Academic pop
  3. the Classified Projects pop
  4. the Breakaway Civilization pop (top layer 'on' earth)
  5. ET/others pop

pop = populations and the accepted paradigm of thought / reality of each population.

Please realize - this is my interpretation of what I heard him say - IE: my reality…


IMO these layers do provide a basic stratification of understanding with which to look at a reality. The layers also provide a platform from which a control mechanism can be used to guide large numbers of people in ways to promote control over that population.


So what IS a reality? In this instance it is an understanding of an environment that allows functioning within a certain set of ideas that in some cases can actually predict and/or pre-form the actions of the people who adhere to it.


It hits my funny bone that, in the same way black projects are compartmentalized, so are stratifications of society on the planet. - On Purpose -   by thought structures by the same people who control everything  for well,  ...control.


In one way I suppose you could say that reality is how people respond to their environment with the information they have which is controlled by the people who pump that information into different subsections of the population - therefore reality is structured out of the mind - unfortunately more than



So, next idea. There is quite a contingent of people out there wrestling with the idea that we have been coerced into losing our connection with our souls (through scientism and technology) our creativity, our spiritual nature and our connection to magic - the old magic/true knowing of nature. (direct experience of the principle of life) Rudolf Steiner was one of them, a philosopher from the 19th century, Cara St. Louis is a leading current speaker on this and there are many in this school of thought who are saying that by losing this component of ourselves we lose our creative connection to source itself…


To put it in very simplistic black and white terms… the layers of constructed reality above are the devil on one shoulder and the naturalistic camp is the angel on the other shoulder - one representing right brain, the other left brain.


Now: it occurs to me that the reason the elite are really concerned right now about 'Phenomenology' is because they can't find a way to control it. IMO phenomenology is directly connected to the angels sitting on your shoulder - the camp of people who are directly advocating the inner experience of reality connected to you and your relationship to life from your very own perspective. Your own subjective perception of that 'otherness' in life that is uniquely your own. The elite are trying to tell you HOW to feel about it, but they cannot control that experience with information they put out about it - they can only form how you FEEL about it and how you judge it.


As Grant Cameron has been telling us lately, the direct UFO experience is very related to this and how well you are connected to your creative right-brained self. He has written a book about well-known musicians and the point of the book is that they all, to the very last one, have had 'contact' experiences.


More to follow in this as I muddle through thinking about it, but I think it is very interesting this connection to reality-forming through technology and media is being used to try to (what seems like) herd us mentally away from the state of mind that is more grounded in true self-perception which leads straight into the state of mind that is the epicenter of all phenomenological experiences.

This is beginning to look like another

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!",

"Nothing to see here.",


psy-op the more dots that come together. So, that means we are on the right track!!!




1.) “The Cost of Secrecy: From Money To Mind Control" at the Alien Cosmic Expo in Toronto, June 23, 2018.   From <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=py6c909gzMQ&t=2442s>


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