What to do when the unconscious calls you to task: when your biography becomes your biology


In my twenties and early thirties, I could have sworn I had succumbed to Epstein-Barr syndrome. There were days (and I had young children) when I was so exhausted I could not move. Around this time I started journaling and creating 3D art pieces (masks to be honest). These masks were a very interesting way to dialogue with myself. I never knew what they were going to be until they were finished. There was an extremely easy writing process that went with them that examined the deep symbology of the mask to the maker. I found that each time I did a mask I felt better for a time. My energy came back and I felt good, physically. It finally got to the point where when I started to feel exhausted I knew it was time to make a mask. If I could not do it that day I did begin the process by thinking about it. If I didn't, I was literally knocked off my feet for days. It became my healing mantra. After 17 masks and a one woman showing at a local gallery, I was healed. But I was also by then deep journaling simply for the release. I offer up this story because it seems to me that a lot of the ascension symptoms that are being reported today are very similar to what I went through, when my subconscious mind demanded that I listen and when my soul opened up because of it.


What to do when the unconscious calls you to task for ignoring the greater message of your being?

This is not fun, because if you have left the work of inner listening on items you need to take care of: *Old emotional patterns *Old wounds *Blames *Shifting response-ability *Self-medicating, etc. for a later time, saying I'll do it later and later never comes, your subconscious mind/connection to divinity will get your attention to the point of knocking you off your feet, when your "Biography becomes your biology." in the words of Caroline Myss, because it’s the only way to get your attention…

I have found in my own practice that you must re-establish trust between your sub-conscious mind and your conscious mind. This works best through agreement, planning and ceremony (ceremony meaning to make sacred, show respect). By re-establishing this connection through the practice of a journal (or actually any creative endeavor), you give honor to your process, and you make witness to your experience by recording it.

This means when you feel something coming on you MUST immediately attend to it or you will lose control, be slowed in one manner or another so that you are forced to 'listen'.

What I have found works best is to begin by writing what you are feeling. Why? Because:

  1. it honors the feeling
  2. it gives the feeling perspective
  3. it shifts the feeling from a place where it is not working (banging around inside your body and psyche) to a record - a sacred outer symbol.
  4. feeling is healing and flow is the way out - not acting out.

When this is done and, done when you feel it coming on, it immediately gives you back your power to finish what needs done in the outside world. (like work, or kids…etc.)

This will only work if you are assiduous in following up with your side of the agreement.

So, say you are at work and you cannot write, nor would you want to. You say to yourself I WILL write this as soon as I get home. Then I will decode it for its truest meaning to me (not anybody else).

If you do not keep to this inner self statement it will not work the next time, and you will be once again immobilized until you can show you have respect for yourself.

This, if you do keep to it - will heal you. Guaranteed. It may not be fun work, but you will be astounded at what you find out and how much freer you are to carry out things in your life that you have always wanted to achieve. I PROMISE!!! You will also stop getting taken down by your health every time you turn around.

The things you write and decode are for you only.

The gems of wisdom you get from them are for sharing.

Try it for a month and see.

Get yourself a simple spiral note book and a pen that stays with the notebook. Find a special place in your home that it can be. You can even make an altar for it. Some tiny spot. Let the notebook reside there and commit to writing in it when your feel something brewing.

Just….Try… This….

Because we all need to heal - not only from old wounds, but from the new ones created daily by a society bent on manufacturing wounds to keep us controlled. Consider it the same as brushing your teeth daily - in order to prevent having a cavity drilled. No one ever teaches us to look through an emotional log, so unless you follow a discipline of prayer or meditation you never have a chance to look. Writing a journal in this respect helps to sort out your feelings, thoughts, intentions and gives you a way to stand back and see the patterns and triggers that happen - where you got caught up and what caught you. When you begin to understand what is behind the things that unhinge you and cause emotional responses you neither wanted or intended, you begin to see what you need to heal.

When you do this for a while, your subconscious will offer up more and more for you to understand about yourself. When you increase your self-understanding, it will naturally reflect outwards to others. Self-compassion creates compassion in the world. And… it is a very good way to begin know how karma functions in your life and why you keep getting stuck in the same relationship patterns and the same interaction patterns. If you are not a writer, make a list… There are many ways to modify this using a method that is right for you. The whole point is to make a date with the rest of yourself and keep it - listen deeply, and learn.

This is simple, and it is a sad circumstance of society that it even needs explaining at all, but there it is.journal1

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