Who Knew??


I found Fade to Black while chasing Dr. Steven Greer. Episode 16… I think, it could have been as early as John Anthony West episode 7… Sigh I don't know how people like LJ3 can remember minute details like he did last night on Beyond the Strange's Tribute Show to Jimmy. What FUN!!!


Who knew? That all these talented people who hang out in the sand box would all end up at a nexus called Jimmy Church. Like Jimmy says, turn it a hundred and eighty degrees then look. So, Fade to Black is really this one point of light amid the darkness that called all of us to him - that voice - yes Renee, compelling, and yes soothing (something about the deep basso of it) that voice that floats through the darkness into our hearts and minds.

And somehow the Sandbox was born and we all got to ask the questions that float through our minds when we listen to interviews like these, but mostly end up frustrated because … well, because most times the interviewer just doesn't know how to think… and here in the sand box you can ASK THEM LIVE!!!! However, lol, I rarely have to ask them because Jimmy ALWAYS beats me to the punch!!!!!! Brilliant!!!!!


And then, we had a fader gallery for all our artists, and then we had a blog! And….


Who Knew???


I could write? Yeah, I could write. I could maybe have been doing it before, but it took Fade to Black and all the subjects we learn about and all of the wonderful 'What ifs" that come from it for me to finally put ideas on metaphoric paper… It has literally changed my life in deeper ways than I could have ever imagined.


And these stories are legion when they are connected to Jimmy Church. There isn't one person who has not been positively affected by this largess of spirit.


The caliber of interviewing skills, the caliber of deep listening and ability to read the emotional state of his guests to evoke the absolute best from them, these are immense talents! I still get horribly nervous when I call in, but I will never forget talking about my knowing that et's walk amongst us with Jimmy and realizing that speaking about this out loud to him and all of you, took the lid off something that I wasn't even aware there was a lid on!!! This is where his voice is very compelling and soothing, he evokes amazing things from people because they understand there is a very unique connection between you and him when he listens and asks questions - when he interviews you!!!! I have never been listened to so deeply before in my life, and I had therapy back in the 80's! So the many ways that Jimmy has changed my life have completely redone my inner landscape. I doesn't look the same inside my soul, its brighter and happier in there.

I can feel a higher ethic, a higher standard, an obviously much greater empathy in that voice, which is why Fade to Black or for that matter anything Jimmy does will go far. And maybe one day (like the upcoming CITD) I will actually get to meet the guy who wears that voice in person! And Rita, watch out, cause I'm gonna hug the stuffing out of you!








p.s. and I will buy a real microphone….  (and I did)

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