5,000 yr. prophesy timeline New Age timeline Positive ET timeline Negative ET timeline Indigenous timeline
Biblical end times The Event Galactic energy Super Wave Total control of population/capture of planet Stewards of the planet/care for all life that’s is upon/in her
Vatican information Mystery school information retaught to some population Free will Prime Directive: reeducation


Institute a 5,000 yr. misinformation plan to structure the indigenous mind set into compliance & agreement Planetary consciousness information
Jesuit plans Rediscover what was hidden Data dumps: Vatican info plus exposure of corporate, Nazi, underground, breakaway, confederation plans Hide all real truth that could lead to discovery of planetary take over Gaia's real history, her plan
Inculcate the population to reach the Tipping pt.: religion: reduce spirituality Reveal the control system in all religion encourage spirituality Re-education of the imprisoned minds of earth Train minions, artificially create a technologically advanced, dependent population Reconnection to us
Create the egregor of the end times and give it power Create internal savior attributes ET savior vs. Save ourselves/free minds of planet earth S.T. idea set Hide all evidence of your interference while creating a stable control system: NWO Create the consensus mind Gaia's subconsciousness into full consciousness
Call all ET's entities to create fear Create openness in paranormal: reteach innateness of being Channeled info, Nuts and bolts, power of the people initiating contact Create fearful picture of 'others' to divide and conquer keeping the indigenous population divided and scared and easily controlled. Full dimensional awareness of the aggregates of all levels of dimensional intelligences connected to this current nexus
Create fear for obedience to their plan Reduce the fear and create understanding Begin open communication Never reveal anything use disinformation as a tool of divide and conquer Reconnect human awareness to all life residing in the here and now
Separate mankind from himself Reunite mankind through the inside out. Reconnection of mankind to the galactic family by acceptance of man kinds whole self and innate abilities The mythos of earth as a prison planet becomes real. Upgrade into 4D/5D frequency in solar system evolution

Consider that this chart is just the most out-there intel that me and my little dis-organized brain have begun to understand as the dynamics of a very messy situation and is nowhere complete in its scope. It merely takes the most common theories and attempts to lay the high points next to each other and is by no means correct. But there are similarities in this stuff when you begin to look at the situation. And, you must understand that there are as many viewpoints as there are people out there, and one group's reasons for their plans will be totally different from another group's plans, OR they may cross over and zigzag across the chart. My whole question is this:


Depending on which group you want to ally yourself with, your belief structure and what you personally deem correct will change.




Have we gone outside any existing structure, whatever it may be, to just see for our very own selves? I have heard and read and studied a lot of things over the 60 years of my life here, regardless of the emphasis or the origin of those data bits, what makes one more correct than another?


I have this feeling that there will be no revealing. (that should be a song…) Everybody is partially wrong and partially right, but quite literally, NOBODY knows exactly. There are researchers out there who have spent an entire life time at this, LMH for example, and even she, whom I imagine has a more complete picture than almost the entire planet so broad has been her research, who when asked what it all means to the rest of us on earth here has to preface her statement as conjecture, BECAUSE NOBODY REALLY KNOWS FOR SURE.


Maybe it is because it really will end up as a consensus project, and 'they' are all waiting to see what we will as a planet do with this morass of confusion - how we will sort out options and choose our path, whether we will cave to someone else's vision of the future or come up with a totally original one of our own. And most importantly, if we can agree on anything….


I would advise one thing, Don't swallow any system whole. Chew on it, taste it, adjust the seasoning, add other options and decide whether you can stand what you have created for another 26,000 years, or world round, or whatever, if you just happen to get stuck with it….

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