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About Last Night: From Puerto Rico

November 19, 2015 Alison Bell 0

The world was listening…. From: Sandra Rios Subject: Terrorism in Paris   Hi Jimmy,   This is Sandra Rios from Puerto Rico. Jimmy it was my pleasure to meet you last summer at Contact in the Desert 2015. I got a cool photo of us together. Last night’s show (Nov. 18, 2015) was explosive (pun intended), and I congratulate you for keeping a calm head and an even keel. I’d like to make a post to this blog with an explanation about the Paris bombings that neither you, Kerry Cassidy, or Michael Barra touched upon. A fact is that for [-MORE-]

About Last Night….

November 19, 2015 Alison Bell 2

I beg your indulgence with this posting. This was too delish not to share, a perfect illustration of so many things. Back way out of the box with me on this one and try to see the biggest point, let the little ones go – see the pattern of how we are manipulated by the people who would be kings, and how easy it is. I got permission.     Alison Bell Guys, this was a set up to make us think. To think about just the splintered factions amongst us in our tiny little group….. Like · Reply · [-MORE-]