Energy goes where attention flows


(Energy follows thought)

Better yet: energy follows attention (part of that attention is emotion)

Fractured DNA is junk DNA. Junk DNA IS the rest of the pieces of our 12 stranded DNA pattern. DNA is the code or instructions that are used by the photons that produce the pattern you see as life.

This was Fractured on purpose to force our awareness into a limited frequency cage. Remember I'd said that we'd already been invaded, we were just too unaware to notice? Our cage is light - frequency. That of the visible light spectrum, or the speed of light. Our Frequency Gate. To unhook us from the other 10 strands of our original DNA they had to break it of off the two they left alone. Then they used the broken pieces to program us, our perceptions and our behavior. They created a replicable internal biological AI program with the 'junk' DNA.12 strand

The junk DNA - the broken strands are pieces of holographic images that operate together as a quasi-intelligent system - an inner AI. These were broken apart back in the tower of Babel story. The fractured pieces were used to create programs that are specifically written to keep us responding to lower frequency feelings like anger fear and desperation. This way we become much more easily controlled.


If we can quiet the emotional programmed negativity, the pieces can begin to reform into the coherent light DNA strands of the rest of our shattered 10, IE: they begin to heal. The nice thing about it is, I have found the longer you practice this inner peace, the easier it is to do it and the quicker you spot things that are ploys to shatter it. AND you can say NO simply by knowing this!!


If, as many have noticed the last week we have reached a tipping point, one that requires some discipline and awareness to say no the engineered insanity in the world pushing us to respond against our wants and wills - and if we could simply act out of free will instead of re-act with the fractured DNA reprogramming to the insane manufactured terrorist ploys and things we see going in the manipulated mainstream media ( react the way they want us to ) we could stop all the bull shit in its tracks. As it is, we are feeding them rich amounts of what they want and need. If we do not put forth the effort to mindfully NOT respond, allowing these outer engineered events to keep shattering the re-healing of our other 10 strands of DNA, we will not recover.

They are pushing so hard right now because they know we are, at this point, able to defeat them by simply deciding not to be tricked in our minds without ever lifting a finger. But if we keep playing into their hands like idiots, they win. If we feel horrendous after one of these incidents, they win. If we treat others badly because these events have us feeling badly, they win. If we go off like idiots spouting hate against hate, they win. If we keep responding to their biologic-AI reprogramming in our fractured 'junk' DNA without awareness of what is happening, THEY WIN!

This is important!

CHOOSE!!!! Say no to their efforts to keep activating their programming in our fractured DNA and let it begin to heal. Quit ripping the scab off the wound. Stand, observe, realize it for what it is and counter with awareness. They are doing everything they can to derail this healing because if they don't they are done.

All we really have to do is breath and refuse to re-act. That way, you choose how you will act and respond instead of having someone choose for you.


For your further elucidation, I recommend this tid bit: Beyond the Strange 

from  35:57 - 59:52  a surprise guest called in who made the point far better than I have!

Enjoy 🙂

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