Forgiveness: A Love Letter to the Children of Earth


Do you remember that place, baby? It was warm and bright. Clean and safe. Do you remember home? It has been so long... And it seems so far away... Look what gifts have come since then. All the questions we have asked and answered in our own road. The hearts we have known... The love we have held. The beauty we each have seen. They must ask those questions too.... If their species is to survive. But you know this. We both know this. I am so in love with you... We will find our way home. And each of them will find their way home as well. They look to the stars because a part of them knows Heaven and Creation is their birthright. They will explore the expanse if they have the courage as a species to look within themselves. They must ask these same questions if they are to know the boundless beauty of Creation. It can be no other way. Let us see who finds the courage to answer. For by asking one, so do we ask them all. By teaching just one, so do we teach them all.

These are the questions upon them now. "How willing are each of you to forgive your brother any real or imagined injustice?" "How much do each of you desire peace instead of endless strife and misery and pain?" These questions are the same in every advancing culture in the universe that finds itself in constant conflict, on the edge of extinction. On the precipice of oblivion. Though they may take a slightly different form in each, they are the same in all. And the answers are always the same as well. Forgiveness is peace, for herein lies the end of all your lonely separation and the dreams of danger and destruction, war and death; of madness and of murder, of all your grief and loss. This is the question your culture continually asks, and yet never seems to answer. Instead, in its guessing, it gladly offers anything but peace, and instead offers death disguised as life to its children, and it's children's children.

This is what we see. Please. Tell us this is not so. In each of your different, individual faiths, you each have sworn to die one day, as mortal sons of man. And yet you reject as a culture your collective identity as Holy Children of Creation. This is what each of you profess. Yet professing this, none of you know that you make a bargain in Creation that you cannot keep. The Child of Life, the Child of Creation cannot be killed. That child is as immortal as his Creator. What each of you are cannot be changed. Though your egos would have you believe otherwise, the Love you are can never die. Each of you are the only thing in all the Universe that must be One. Yet what you each believe becomes your choice in believing it.

Yes, Cindy... what seems eternal to them all will have an end. The stars will disappear, and night and day will be no more. All things that come and go, the tides, the seasons and the lives of men; all things that change with time and bloom and fade will not return. Where time has set an end is not where the eternal is. They do not know this yet. But soon they will. God's Creations can never change by what men wish to make of them. The Child of Creation will be as he was and as he is, for time appointed not his destiny, nor set the hour of his birth and death. Forgiveness will not change the Child. For what Creation has designed in Love needs no forgiveness. Yet time itself waits upon forgiveness that the things of time the Child has created, the passing illusions of this world, may disappear because they no longer have a use.

Nothing survives its purpose, Querida. Only love endures. We are proof of this. If a thing be conceived to die, then die it must unless it does not take this purpose as its own. Change is the only thing that can be made a blessing in this world, where purpose is not fixed, however changeless it appears to be. Do they believe they can set a goal, a purpose unlike Creation's purpose, and establish it as changeless and eternal? They create the illusion of purpose, but that is all they do. Nor can they remove the power Spirit gives them to change their minds, and change their world, and by changing see another purpose. Love is the only real purpose they command.

Change is the greatest gift Creation has given to all that they would save and make eternal. It made this gift to ensure that only Heaven Itself would not pass away. Creation's Children were not born to die. Though they believe in death, none of them can change the truth of their Creation because their function has been fixed by Heaven itself. All their goals in this illusion are set in time, and all of them seem to live for a while, then die, and then return to dust; and if the gods they seem to believe in were to change that, some might be preserved, maybe all... excepting all those they judge and refuse to forgive. But this is not their truth. The world they have built is their great deception. The world is their truth. If it be not so, let them change it.

What does this species know of forgiveness? Does this whole world not aim at keeping time, making war, embracing vengeance and division and separation? And if this be true, where is its ultimate end? When time and war no longer have a use to them, what will be left that remains for them? A poisoned world as lifeless as their faith? When a purpose is ended, the world built for that purpose will be gone. And where it once held seeming sway over truth, then and only then will truth be restored to the function Creation established for Its Child. Time can set no end to its fulfillment nor awareness be enslaved to its seeming changelessness. There is no death to us because the Child shares the function His Creator gave to Him. Life's function cannot be to die. It must be life's extension, that it be as One forever and forever. This is time without end. This is time travel. Life without end. This is the universe we know, the one they would explore. The one we would share. But they do not know their own world. How may they know another? Do they think the universe will permit this? Perhaps....

This world will bind your feet and tie your hands and kill your body only if you think that it was made to punish and crucify the Child of Creation. For even though you may dream of death, you need not let it stand for this to you. Let this be changed, and nothing in your world but must be changed as well. For nothing here but is defined as what you see it for.

Freedom from fear is within you. Freedom from hate in that fear is within you. In the blessing of forgiveness you choose to share lives the promise of peace you make to yourselves. It is in that one blessing that the birth of happiness in that peace is formed. The heaven or hell you choose in your individual or collectives futures is the one each of you will make for himself. And for each other. This is how the universe works.

-Maia Dalma

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